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Registered Members can upload content here.

Scan Files before Installing


    Where to post
    Registered users can only post in the Registered Users Posts Section.

    Check for duplicates
    Before you post anything first check that it has not already been posted because duplicate threads are not allowed. A thread is considered duplicate if it provides exactly the same thing.
    Members are allowed to post the same software version as long as the install methods are different. ( Example: (1) repack, (2) portable, or (3) installer with the crack, patch, or keygen).

    Layout of upload threads
    All upload posts must have the following format:

    1) A clear exact title. Do not to use words like crack and keygen in the title.
    2) A small to medium size opening image.
    3) A description of the upload. Give credit to the original author.
    4) System requirements, both hardware and software, if applicable.
    5) Some screen captures. Between 2 and 4 images is ideal.
    6) Installation instructions.
    7) Virus reports. Virustotal is the preferred way to check.
    8) At least one download link. Registered users cannot post torrents.

    Note: Your post must not include any outside links. Only images and download links.
    Note: As a Registered User do not use "SPOILERS" please.

    Posting images
    Gifyu and LookImg are the only image hosts we allow for screen captures.

    Approved hosting sites
    Use one or more of the following sites ONLY for your upload:
    Google Drive


    TeamOS files
    Include these TEAMOS FILES in every upload.

    Before you make your upload
    Check that your post includes all the required sections.
    If it does not then you will be asked to correct it or it may be deleted.

    After you make your upload

    Watch your upload. The staff may make some comments or suggestions. Other site members may have questions.