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  1. TheMacGyver

    *Report Dead Links and Torrents Here-2019*

    Hello all. Please if you find a broken link or dead torrents in our forum then please report it here, so that our Moderators and Admins can easily know it and update the links Thanks. If you found any dead download link on threads. Report Here If you find any dead torrents on threads, Report...
  2. TheMacGyver

    *** Concerning Threads with Missing or Hidden Torrent Links ***

    Your attention and help here is urgently needed.. As we find torrents that have gone hidden or as members comment "Where is the Link" etc.. Kindly check and then Paste Thread LInk here In this one locations.. EX...
  3. V

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Beto, I like torrents, I like donors and seeds, I think I'll like the forum! I thank you all the seeds, I love you! Thanks for keeping the network alive.
  4. W

    Torrent Seeds

    Could games ot programs that use torrent please have a rating for number of torrent seeder went to download a few games etc. most only had either 1 seed or 1 leecher making it impossible to download or very slow excellent web site lot of programs on it pity it is hard to find a downloadable...
  5. TheMacGyver

    Sceneaccess Torrent Tracker Shuts Down

    SceneAccess Torrent Tracker Shuts Down SceneAccess has thrown in the towel. Its admins pulled the plug on the private tracker after operating for more than a decade. According to a public notice, the decision was the result of dwindling donations, which made it hard to pay the bills...
  6. TheMacGyver

    Demonoid Hopes To Return To Its Former Glory

    Was one of the first Private Sites I became Involved with.. :rock::rock: The semi-private BitTorrent tracker Demonoid returned from the ashes earlier this year and is slowly rebuilding its community. The site's founder, who's back in charge once again, is working on a new and improved version...
  7. TheMacGyver

    I Know What You Downloaded On Bittorrent….

    I Know What You Downloaded on BitTorrent... Most people know that BitTorrent is far from anonymous, but seeing all your recent downloads listed on a public website is still quite a shock. 'I Know What You Download' says it does exactly that, and also helps people to uncover the torrenting...