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Another way to build windows


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I have been tinkering with this for a while after stumbling onto a build out there in cyberville. It's interesting and useful. I built a version of my Black Glass OS and incorporated it into a fully functional PE environment. So you can now use the install media as a windows repair disk as well as a windows install disk. I have to acknowledge a gentleman named Glenn (dont know if its real name or not) who assisted with some valuable information when I hit a roadblock.

Let me know what you think, and if this is something you all would be interested in.

PE is running in Virtualbox but can be burnt to a USB drive and used the same way. Size 4.75gb

Here's the OS it installs:

Heres some basic images....

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:hi: You can use this as a Windows repair disc also? :happy:
That totally rocks, thanks for this and for being a nice
human being:rock:

You know I just adopted you into my family right?
Well all of you. :nod::h: