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As SiteWizard stated

fully agree with this statement!
i'm here because i LOVE this forum and everything on it :)
long live TEAMOS the best there is :)
I certainly do believe what transpired shows a tremendous lack of integrity.
I just dont get it.
This is TEAMOS.
Team is the operative word.
This is why im here.
Moving forward.
Thanks Mr.Lonely, TheMacgyver, the admin's, Mods and members for all you do.

Des Rayz

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Since the day I have joined this forum, I'm in love. Imagine my girlfriend asking me to get off that laptop and stop consuming so much internet and go out and get a life. And all I see is Brotherhood! We are all family here. A team to help each other out. And we all stand together no matter what! Lets keep the spirits high. Long Live TeamOS!


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Really shocked by this post. What I think is TeamOS is being operated and provide us lots of stuffs free of cost. People do not value the time of the hard works spent on modification of ISOs/Softwares. Nobody asks for donations and hardly few of them donates willingly.
Its not necessary to open new forum and convince the members from here. Stay here, work hard and follow the rules & regulations set by TeamOS.
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To hear of this is a bit unbelievable, but not totally. I just do not understand why anyone would do such a thing. This wonder site TEAMOS is THE most amazing site and amazing group of people, selfless, always willing to help those who are loyal and more. Some people get angry and lash out, but it is their own shortcomings that made them angry, had they played by the rules, they could have had everything they ever wanted. They could have had it safely. Whoever it is that has in any way compromised TEAMOS deserves whatever is coming to them... I am rather disgusted by the fact that anyone would try. TEAMOS IS the ULTIMATE software site TEAM, as well as much more, like friendship and help etc. @MacGyver, In a strange way, I kind of like the threat at the end of your last post...:) Do what is necessary to protect what you have created with your time and sweat, as long as no person gets physically harmed, I am for whatever it is you do. As a Buddhist, I am not really into making anyone suffer, but then again, I am not a monk...Peace.


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hi guys

i use this site because it is the best one for all customisation and programs that are the best available i look at other forums because i also have other interests
such as TV /satellite etc but this forum as always been about helping users to understand and use the computers better and helping users be come better and
individuals not some clones so shame on people that try to emulate the good work here

Tarkas 458