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Locked Autodata 3.45 License.exe issue

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Hi there guys, hope you are well?

I am trying to install the Autodata 3.45. on Windows 10 32bit

All goes well untill i have to use the keygen.cmd to generate license.reg. when I paste my GetUIDx86 hardware ID into the keygen.cmd it gives me an error (License.exe is not recognized as an internal or external...)

Know maybe how I can fix it? can I try to get a different hardware ID? Is there a way to delete a hardware ID?

Thank you ;)


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Hi @Rezel , if you have downloaded Audodata from this thread:
I advise you to write in that same thread, mentioning the name of the creator of the thread.
Although from what I see the thread is +2 years old ...

I have not used that program, but for the data you have provided, it can be 2 things:
a) you are putting the data wrong, or in the wrong place
b) the program came with a defect in its medicine

Lucky buddy.


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it has to be run as admin else will not work

instructions for install

1. Run "Install_x86" or "Install_x64" depending on your OS (32 or 64 bit)
2. Follow on console screen messages and wait for the installation to complete

* Windows 7/8/8.1/10 users MUST do following "a-i" steps while XP users should skip to step 3 *
a) Disable UAC
b) Restart/Reboot your PC
c) Disable Antivirus because the next step is false-positive (NOT virus)
d) Run "dseo13b.exe" as Administrator (<<< this is important) - Enable Test Mode
e) Restart/Reboot your PC (after restart/reboot "Test Mode" will be shown on screen)
f) Disable Antivirus again
g) Run "dseo13b.exe" as Administrator (<<< this is important) - Sign a System File
It's best to find your own path but depending on your OS it should be:
32 bit = C:\Program Files\\AuDaS0\AuDaS0.sys
64 bit = C:\Program Files (x86)\\AuDaS0\AuDaS0.sys
...and wait for confirmation message
h) Exit from DSEO (dseo13b.exe)
i) Restart/Reboot your PC (those "a-i" steps are for signing emulator, NOT needed for XP)

3) Open "Keygen" folder and Run "GetUid-x86" or "GetUid-x64" as Administrator (<<< this is important) depending on your OS (32 or 64 bit)
4) Now because you have your UID number you can run "keygen.cmd" and paste/enter it to generate "license.reg" registry file (it's important to NOT enter first 2 digits which are probably 64, enter ONLY last 8 digits)
(in case your UID is 6400000000 you must restart/reboot your PC and go back to step 3 because that UID is NOT proper and valid)
5) Run new generated registry file named "license.reg"
6) Start Emulator as Administrator (<<< this is important) from Start menu or from installed directory which is probably something like C:\Program Files\\AuDaS0 and there is a file named "ndStart.cmd" or "ndRestart.cmd"
7) Open "Autodata 3.45" from desktop shortcut or ofcourse C:\ADCDA2\ADBCD.exe
(Any kind of errors related to NOT successfully registered .reg files? Just register them manually from "RegSettings" folder as described at the beginning of this text (before all this steps))
8) Enjoy!


If you dont follow all steps it wont work!


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the file that you used is corupt or been flagged and blocked by win 10 as usual. disable all antivirus apps and defender then get the file again n rerun it as admin. must work.
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