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Direct Bittorrentpro 7.9.4 Build 40912 {silent Install} [inggame]


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7.2 GB
11.8 GB

Multi-language conventional and portable versions in one installer.

BitTorrent Stable - peer network program, aimed at the ability to download large files. Unlike other similar networks (Kazaa, eDonkey, etc.), where the owners of the same file can be several people who have this file is located, BitTorrent provides for a file has a single owner who is interested in its distribution . Thus the person concerned may, for example, a software developer.

In addition, the feature of this network is a very high speed jumps file, which is achieved by way of the issuance of the original file from several computers, even when the entire file to them yet. Omitting the details, we can say this: the more people shake via BitTorrent a file, the faster it will be downloaded.

Key features:
Dynamic bandwidth control channel network - BitTorrent does not interfere with other Internet-connected programs.Parallel loading of multiple files.Search for identical files for faster downloads.The ability to create and disseminate their torrent files.Detailed information about media files to ensure the security of downloads BitTorrent.Minimum settings.Multilingual interface (a Russian).

BitTorrent Plus
Safe. Anytime. Anywhere.Protect your computer with antivirus software integratedGet codecs for viewing HD-videoEasily transfer files to your favorite devicesNo advertisements

-tested it myself :D enjoy!!