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Torrent Chief Architect Premier X10 Crack 2018 [latest]


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Chief Architect Premier X10 is a professional tool to create architectural designs of homes and smaller commercial buildings. The program allows you to carry the walls, doors and windows of buildings in 2D plans, and based on them will generate three-dimensional models, a list of materials for the construction, documentation, plan a light skeleton and floor plans. The program can also be instantly interior design, using the supplied library furniture and terraces, gardens, lawns, driveways and the like immediate surroundings home. The program can take into account the terrain.

Chief Architect Premier X10 is a professional CAD software, designed for architectural design houses in three dimensions. The program of the Chief Architect Premier X10 could not miss a rich library of already created three-dimensional objects. Among them we find home electronics, appliances, doors, windows, countertops, cabinets, etc.

There are powerful Automatic and Manual Building tools to produce Construction Documents with Site Plans, Floor Plans, Framing Plans, Electrical/ HVAC Plans, Section Details, and Elevations. Finally, Chief Architect includes design tools for photo-realistic Renderings, Artistic Renderings and Virtual Tours to help clients visualize your designs.

Users can easily draw sketches using available tools, paint and visualize their designs – rendering and processing facilities to a three-dimensional view. You can rebuild the interior of the building (eg kitchen or bathroom), create sections and elevations, dimension and floors of the room and create professional documents with building plans created projects.

Features of Chief Architect Premier X10

Below are some noticeable features which you’ll experience after Chief Architect Premier X10.

Handy design suite for designing house projects.
Got loads of setting with multi-tabbed environment.
Lets you draft each and every detail for the client of their home.
Got a user friendly interface.
Lets you create plans for structure, garden, heating and plumbing system.
Lets you estimate the costs of all building process.
Can add labor costs.
Can create schedule for completing the construction.
Offers realistic images on all elements for creating 3D rendering whole projects.


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I love this Application, I used it to help my Mother -in-Law with little or no training and worked out great. Its pretty simple to use and I hope to use it professionally someday.


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Thanks for this program.. work super.. only is needed to download his plugins.. thanks for puted in !