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Direct Chris-pc Ram Booster 4.60 + Activation

Discussion in 'Utility Tools' started by Jugoexpress, Apr 14, 2018 at 11:41 PM.

  1. Jugoexpress

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    Chris-PC RAM Booster 4.60 + Activation



    (32 and 64 bit)


    Title : Chris-PC RAM Booster
    Version: 4.60
    Language: Multi
    Format: Rar File
    Size: 2.3 MB


    Do you have the feeling that your Windows computer is slow?

    Many applications are open?

    Yes we know that feeling. The computer's physical RAM is full and even if Windows uses a virtual memory, stored in a swap file on the hard drive, so that the computer does not run out of memory. You still have the feeling that your PC is crawling instead of running smoothly as it should, after a clean reboot with only a few applications open.


    Chris-PC RAM Booster will definitely make things better! Your computer will have a boost, since RAM Booster will monitor the use of RAM (Random Access Memory) and when it reaches a certain low memory limit, it will trigger the process of freeing memory for open programs while moving old programs from RAM to virtual memory on disk.



    · Faster running applications and games intelligently optimizing the use of physical computer RAM versus virtual memory of the Windows operating system page file.

    · Extensive set of options and settings for personalization of RAM usage: including low memory limit to start the release process, configuration for full screen applications, CPU usage for which memory should be released, etc.

    · Background Execution: Once installed, started and configured, RAM Booster will run silently without user interaction and free up RAM.

    · It is also useful on server machines (idle or in use), with no user logged in, giving access to more RAM for server programs.

    · Includes a benchmark memory test to get an assessment of your computer's stability and RAM.

    · Provides statistics for a complete overview of your computer's performance with active RAM Booster.

    · Provides a dynamic systray icon that displays your computer's real-time memory usage.

    · Simple and intuitive interface.



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