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Direct Driver Genius Professional

403.3 MB
5 GB

Driver Genius - a powerful driver manager, with which you can create backup copies of installed drivers, restore damaged versions, update and delete unnecessary or damaged, thereby increasing the stability and performance of the system as a whole. At startup, the program collects information about the drivers installed in the system and displays the scan results.

• There is an automatic search and update function;
• Easily detects and initiates virtually any driver;
• You can restore all the necessary data in one click;
• You can always remove old drivers correctly;
• Quick work of the boot manager;
• Archiving of all and individual drivers, archiving only the drivers that do not come with the operating system.
• Restore drivers from previously created archives.
• Ability to automatically place drivers in the ZIP-archive, including self-extracting.
• Identification of unknown devices, search and update drivers, auto-update drivers via the Internet.
• Simple and easy backup / restore wizard.

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Download Unzip

Read How to install Guide

Enjoy :)

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Verified Member
133.8 GB
3.4 TB
When i try to download drivers it says: "a connection with the server could not be established". Can someone help me?