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Direct Evorim Free Firewall X86 - X64

By Nicky

Power User
Windows Modifier
312.5 GB
1.1 TB
this little software really works really well and it's very easy

Evorim Free Firewall provides you with all the tools needed to protect against threats from the internet and more.

Use your machine with confidence knowing that you will be notified if any of your apps attempt to access the internet. You have the option to switch modes from Credulous, which allows apps unlimited internet access, Paranoid, which will allow no access and Blockade, which will entirely block all apps and services. Additionally, while Evorim Free Firewall is on, if a non-regulated app attempts to access the internet, you will receive a popup warning informing you of the offending app.

Evorim Free Firewall features a touch-friendly so you can use it on touch-sensitive devices and another nice built-in feature is its ability to prevent telemetry data being sent back to Microsoft's Server.

Some other useful features include virus detection, botnet protection, and cooperative mode which allows it to work seamlessly alongside your Windows firewall without conflict.


Ex Ccleaner

Size: 4.65 MB
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Efren Cresencio

Registered User
18.9 GB
5.2 GB
Thank you.. Not yet downloaded but. When I get home soon.. ill be trying it.. I need some firewall that is not related to microsoft because microsoft hides something. and traffic sometimes with basic windows firewall is hard to manage. I will post another feedback about it ^_^

As I promised I leave a feedback.. ^_^ It is a good freeware software. It can handle what I need. Like blocking the apps internet traffic because my internet is capped. If ever I didn't notice what are the apps uses internet then my data will depleted immediately. There are apps that are still accessing internet even you set your internet wifi as metered mode. So this app relieves my headache. A year ago I used glasswire firewall there are free version of it but for me it is not user-friendly as this one you uploaded. This software can simply block or permit connection depends on my decision by just switching the buttons on/off. :):h::rock:
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Registered User
39 GB
31.7 GB
hello, many thanks for this program also to wish you a nice day