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Farewell Mindsnake2 .. A Vip In All Our Hearts And Minds

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Please every one.. I got something to mention thats important, so let me have the time.. Just a little while ago I learn that a Team-OS member who many here have known and called a special friend and person has left us.. Surrounded by a Loving Family and close Veteran Buddys his fight and service has become Peace at last.. A truly amazing person in everything he did here at Team-OS in a short time.. From just saying a kind hello, to helping where ever he could and never once complaining or rude or disgusted.. Never.. He registered here and right away subscribed to become a VIP.. He was constant here every day and I for one will miss him more than I can fathom.. You all should too..

E-7 Sergeant First Class "William Mozingo">> aka Mindsnake2.. A VIP forever!!

I hope to see you again soon, Soldier and Friend! Fare Thee Well!!

Below is the complete message I received from his life long friend..

This was a most difficult Thread for me to do, But this will stand forever..

Please comment to the @Mindsnake2 and to his wonderful family..

He and them will Hear You!!

Comment from you hearts and souls and most of all memories..



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For me to admit that I'm at a loss for words is rare,but I am. While I never met William personally,I truly considered him a friend. He was a true gentleman and a scholar. He was never rude to people here,and always willing to help someone. TeamOS benefited greatly from his wisdom and gentle attitude. Our loss is Heaven's gain. I know for a fact that we'll meet again kind sir. My condolences are with his loving family. Stand down,William.

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I am so sorry to hear that another dear brother and a fellow veteran is gone... though now he is in a better, peaceful place.
He will always be in my thoughts & prayers as well as the prayers of everyone here.

Rest In Peace, My dear Friend.


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We would like to extend our sincere condolences to your family.We can only imagine how sad you are all feeling at the moment and we are thinking of you during this difficult time and may you find strength in each other and may your happy memories of @Mindsnake2 always be a part of your lives.
Words cannot fully express how you must be feeling.Please know that you continue to be in our thoughts and our prayers.Know that we will always be here for you ,today and in the many days that lie head.
Rest in Peace buddy,you have been so good to me since i joined TeamOs Forum.It sounds so bad to hear this news allover the forum,will be missing you till.


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We had a decent chat once and he was damn good with everyone. He was trying to learn something about windows (I don't remember now) and I told him about my age, the things he told and the motivation he gave was the best thing anyone had said to me on the internet :cry::cry::cry::cry:

@Mindsnake2 you will be missed !

Bye Bye Sergeant :(



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Hello Kind Forum and Members. This is a most kind and thoughtful tribute you have shown him @MacGyver and friends.
The family and friends outside this forum feel grateful for your words expressed here so openly.
A very fitting tribute to the man I've been married to for over 37 years and without regret. My children are especially thankful for your words spoken.

Most Sincerely,
Somjai and Family
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