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Give Information About Teamos > Get 100gb Credit Data!!!free :p

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Hello TeamOsians

Who is Best Writer among us?

  • What We Want?
>We understand that information about TeamOs and forum is most important, so we want a introduction of ourselves.
  • What does it include?
>The Stuff and Work we do here.
  • What Are We?
> About How We help Our People and community
  • What is our Motto?
>Our AIM and for what we stand for.

You Can Consider your own point.

Best Among all will be given Upload Credit of 100 GB data in their account.
Hurry as last date will be 26th Feb 2017 00 GMT
POLL will be conducted for same after this session in same Thread on 26Th Feb 2016 and will end poll on 28th FEB 2-17 00GMT

Staff can to0 participate.
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looks good , but i'm no good writer ...
so i can't participate in this one :)

as for a motto ^^

i alway's say : "SEED TILL YOU BLEED"

but i think that motto is allready taken (lol)
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My first six weeks here on the =TEAMOS= site has been relatively short in comparison to others here, yet diverse to say the least. There is a multitude of forums you can look through just for curiosity’s sake. From Win 10

OS’s, Games, Adobe Plugins, Help and Requests just to name a few. Meeting the fellow staff members was and still is, a pleasure for my family and I. We have seen the =TEAMOS= logo on several public torrent sites and

were amazed at the longevity and popularity of their postings to share were. Coming to this site, we found the staff, @The Rain, @Mr.Lonely to name a couple had written some very distinct and user-friendly postings to get

the new users involved very quickly and thoroughly so as to enjoy to the utmost what this staff and site has to offer. The magnitude of their responsibilities are just now becoming apparent to us, my family. To be unique as

they’ve developed this site, was probably the most challenging work the developers had tackled for quite some time to say the least. And then to make this information readily known to us, the users, in a simple, direct, and

pretty easy to understand English, well my family and I are just in awe of it all. And that’s not all they do either. They’ve assisted in mentoring plenty, and I mean plenty, of users to hone their skills and advance their

willingness to learn and to share themselves the knowledge to the rest of this worldly community. Personally, you can’t ask for more but to dive right in and get involved at your own pace, time, and efforts. We like the fact

that this is such a laid back and relaxing atmosphere to just surf around the site picking up tidbits here and there. Never knowing until you look, just what you may come across. And a question asked is merely a Help and

Request thread away from a most thorough answer, usually from more than one friendly person. What more can you ask? If my family and I had to come up with a Motto, it would be: “Come Join With Us, The World Is

Yours” To sum it all up, this community stands for respect, comradery, and a willingness to help those in need who wish to learn exciting and fun things to share with this global torrent site and beyond. Giving respect and

understanding to all who come here, even for a visit seems to be and is, the normal operation of this site. To every one of you, my family wishes the best for all you do and seek to accomplish throughout your lives. For us,

this site gives a nice little bit of sunshine. Regards, Mindsnake2

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@Mr.Lonely @The Rain @TheMacGyver @aXeSwY @tomeCar Just to keep it more handy and more secure and more brighten. Let make it compitition and let make it more proper. @Mr.Lonely Please do mention this at Thread if possible and if you at-least 10% satisfied with my opinion:


How To Submit This Information To Participate:
-Type each question's anwser at Notepad/Wordpad with list order
-Save that Notepad/Wordpad at anywhere at HDD
-Upload that Notepad/Wordpad at hosting site > Mega/Mediafire/userscloud/!
-Provide that direct link along with your post and don't unhide anything you have typed at Notepad/Wordpad.
-Once you posted it. have patience!

How It Works:- It would take less space at thread, each of information will stick private and it would not stand visable until vote session releases. It's simple When staff member sees that direction link file by member, Staffer should download file + save file and then edit post to remove link and mention in post >Thanks File received< (Give this duty to any staff member)

Advantages: Members cannot copy/paste anything from others, either they can edit anything later (VUL/VIP/P.U/Staff) have privileges to do that. they cannot get any direction hint from any information a wordpad/notepad contains, Everything would be stand so secure and so surprising to everyone, each of us will try our best to type and make it more interesting and true and stunning. When times up then you can chose specific members and then you should unhide their given information at voting thread.

Anyways, I'm sure i did not wasted your time by typing this memo because you also know how things work and how they should stand, Kindly consider because there is no harm if you they do submit this way, and trust me on this, If Mac typed anything and i'm typing here then i might be so surprising and i might do hard work to imagining ''What could Mac type. hmmmm'' LOL
Regards, SaM - Over & Out!


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Sounds good to be a Writer, but unfortunately i have no time to do that, but this site is AWSOME, so helpful for me, at least i just can help to share this site to others, thanks dear admin.
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