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Direct Hwidgen V52.01 - Digital Licence Activator For Windows 10


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Hwidgen activates Windows 10 (Including VL Editions) with Permanent Digital Licence.

Few Things about HWIDGEN:
1. You can get HWID digital licence on all windows 10 version including VL editions (except 1507) , There is no pre requirement, Just run this tool, click on patch and done.
it will automatically replace any kms licence if present already.
2. It doesnt install or store any files for activation in your system. so no need to set exclusions in your av for anything.
3. You will have to connect to internet while using this tool to get activation instantly but It also works offline, but will give an error at the activation step at the end. At next online contact system will activate.
4. In same hardware, Upon windows 10 reinstall you don't have to run this tool again and at first online contact the MS Server will recognize the HWID and grant activation automatically.
but if Windows 10 VL version is installed, in that case you will have to insert that edition generic key to regain activation. or you can use key-install option in this tool.
5. There is also manual method available and if you want, you can use that instead of tool.
6. silent switch
hwidgen.mk3 silent

Things to check in case of failed Activation:
1. Make sure your internet is working fine.
2. Make sure you are not running any VPN.
3. Make sure there is no windows update blocker program used.
4. make sure there are no entries in host file and firewalls made by Antispy and privacy Tools.
5. if you want to regain hwid licence Upon windows reinstall in vl edition (retail edition will activate auto, no problem there) of windows 10 then you have to enter its generic key, or you can use key-install option in this tool.
6. Windows 10 1507 version is not supported by this tool.
7. still you cant get activation then post your concern here with hwidgen generated log.
(I will post more suggestion as soon as i find them)

Supported Windows 10 editions (SKUs):
Core (Home) (N)
CoreSingleLanguage (N)
Professional (N)
ProfessionalEducation (N)
ProfessionalWorkstation (N)
Education (N)
Enterprise (N)
EnterpriseS (N) [2015/2016: Digital License]
EnterpriseS (N) [2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]
ServerStandard(Core) (N) [2016/2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]
ServerDatacenterCore) (N) [2016/2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]
ServerSolution(Core) (N) [2016/2019: Offline KMS with 19 years (similiar to EnterpriseG]

Whats New:
-removed compress2txt to fix broken silent mode
-removed 2nd tab, latest KMS_VL_ALL now properly detects KMS38 Windows
-lic.switcher updated to v0.22.04

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i tried to use this activator in a silent mode keeping in "$oem$\$$\setup\Scripts" folder with Setupcomplete.cmd file and code of setupcomplete.cmd file is as under:

@echo OFF
%~dp0"hwidkms38genmk6.exe" /silent
cd %~dp0
attrib -r -a -s -h *.*
RMDIR /S /Q "C:\Windows\Setup\Scripts"

after this i put the $oem$ folder to the "sources" folder of the windows 10 iso but when i install any (home/pro/prowork) activation does not work.
I know I am somewhat doing wrong but could not find out myself.
please guide me how to work in silent mode under such a situation.


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please guide me how to work in silent mode under such a situation.
A switch is wrong. There is no general/silent switch.

Silent Mode:

"hwid.kms38.gen.mk6 hwid"
"hwid.kms38.gen.mk6 kms38"

Try this
%~dp0"hwidkms38genmk6.exe" hwid

For KMS38:
%~dp0"hwidkms38genmk6.exe" kms38
No slash(es).