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Direct Idea Statica (x64)

Discussion in 'Designers' started by [[TeamOS]], May 19, 2018.

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    Idea RS, a developer and seller design solutions for structural engineering offices, has released 8.0.22 version of StatiCa. This software enabling engineers to work faster and more accurately, construction companies to use optimal amount of material and construction authorities/checkers to evaluate requirements of the national code quickly and thoroughly.

    IDEA StatiCa enables engineers to design every new construction cheaper and safer by minimizing risks of structural defects, decreasing material consumption of construction members/details by up to 30%, reducing time spent on designing of construction members/details by up to 50%, providing 100% ”white box” results for engineers, general contractors, checkers and construction authorities.

    IDEA StatiCa has three main parts:

    - IDEA StatiCa Concrete is used by engineers dealing with members/details of concrete structures. Designing is based on internal forces model created either in IDEA StatiCa or imported from FEA programs like Midas, Axis VM, SCIA Engineer and others. More info.
    - IDEA StatiCa Prestressing is used by engineers for the design of members, cross-sections, and details of prestressed concrete structures and bridges. The program is suitable for an extensive range of applications in both pre- and post-tensioned concrete market. More info.
    - IDEA StatiCa Steel is used by engineers dealing with members, joints, connections, details and cross-sections of steel structures. Its functionality is organized into modules depending on the member which is to be analyzed and designed – Connection, Beam, Column, Frame etc.

    Features and amenities IDEA StatiCa:

    *To minimize the risk of structural defects
    *Reduce the consumption of construction materials sectors / details of up to 30%
    *Reduce the time spent on design and construction / Jzyylt to 50%
    *Presentation Boxes Results for engineers, general contractors, construction investigating authorities
    *Full details of the structural design, general and predefined cross-sectional shape into the shapes of DXF, *perfect combination of ULS and SLS according to EN 1990
    *Losses before Tndygy, balancing external loads, calculation of time, the construction of pre-defined
    *Quick review or detailed analysis undertaken
    *The exact calculation of non-linear deformation and leave with lingering effects
    *Design according to EN 1992-1-1, EN 1992-2, SIA 262
    *Working with the data model of MIDAS Civil and GEN, AxisVM, SCIA Engineer, RFEM, Nexis
    *By importing data from external application interface FEA
    *Updated segments after the change in program design, FEA

    required system:

    Operating System
    Windows 10
    Windows 8.1
    Windows 7 SP1
    RAM: 1GB
    space free: 1GB

    whats new:check ReleaseNotes9.txt

    IDEA StatiCa links:


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    Thanks again WhiteDeath!
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    Please use the one remaining Direct Link.. Rest are dead.. Torrent is dead and deleted
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    @TheMacGyver Thanks, I did not notice this last link
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