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Tech News It's time to say goodbye! (CorePacks are closing doors)


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December 31st was the last day for CorePack group and their site. The events that led to the closure are laid out in Raven’s post (CP admin)

It's time to say goodbye. I wish it hadn't come to this but sadly it has. We have had a bumpy ride over the years and as a team we tried our best to keep things going as smoothly as possible.It wasn't perfect, we have had many problems, most of them were caused by our own mistakes and incompetence back in the day. Which in the end, decided to come back and haunt us.

I don't wanna hide the fact that sometimes administration didn't see eye to eye and the inability to make compromises made things worse. We're tired of apologizing all the time, even for the things that happened long before my time, to which I had no control over. I guess the recent incident with NFS Heat put the final nail in the coffin, so we've decided to close the doors forever and say goodbye to everyone.

We would like to thank all the staff members, for doing such a great job managing the community, Programmers (especially Razor12911, Gupta, Jiva Newstone), Repack Testers, Donors, Designers, VIPs, Uploaders for your priceless contributions towards the CorePacks community over the years. Finally, our members, you guys kept the community going, you gave us a purpose to keep going on, you were the ones that made us different from other groups. So thank you so much for being a part of CorePacks Community.

I would like to clarify something which i was going to avoid writing here. But i think it's necessary, it will help us go with our minds at ease.I have seen people trying to make it look like we ran this site for financial purposes. That's not true. We had zero income from this site. We had zero advertisements on our site. I paid for hosting, domains out of my own pocket. The little amount of money that came from donors went directly into purchasing game accounts for offline activation (CorePack Deadnuvo program). The money from Knight's link protector on his repack topics went towards renewing seed-boxes. We didn't make any fortune from running the site as some people have often claimed.

And please note that shutting down the site has nothing to do with other rival repack groups, so please don't put any blame on them.

Now to answer the question that most of you asked.
NO, CorePack will never come back. This is not a temporary goodbye. The site will be closed forever.

The site will stay online for 24-48 hours for you to collect anything you want.

Cheers and Thank you!