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Direct KMS / 2038 & Digital & Online Activation Suite v6.8 ( English / Turkish )

Storm Breaker ⛏

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:: KMS / 2038 & Digital & Online Activation Suite ::

:: Activation Type Supported Products Activation Time ::

Digital License - Windows 10 - Permanent

KMS38 License - Windows 10 / Server - up to 2038

KMS License - Windows 7 (VL) 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server / Office - 180-day license (KMS Task Schedule must be activated for perpetual license)

Online KMS License - Windows 7 (VL) 8 / 8.1 / 10 / Server / Office - 180-day license (persistent license requires KMS Task Scheduling, this option does not exist in the script)

:: About KMS (Inject) activation method ::

With this method, the connection to the virtualized KMS server is provided to the «SppExtComObj.exe» file in the \ Windows \ system32 \ directory, which enables the activation process to be performed, thus assuming that the operating system is connected to a real license server.
Antivirus applications may show activation files as malicious.
The Inject method is 100% clean (at least for now)

:: About digital activation method ::

Digital activation for Windows 10 is a method that Microsoft has developed exclusively for Windows 10 to enable easy re-activation of hardware on PCs after reboot.
In the KMS method, if the license server is being virtualized, this method also enables digital activation on your PC as if a hardware change has occurred.

:: Windows 10 digital license activation method belongs to s1ave77 user (thanks to MDL) ::

This method requires an internet connection and provides permanent activation.
Only works for Windows 10, works on all versions.
Up to now known antivirus applications have not seen files of this method as harmful.

:: About KMS 2038 activation method ::

Windows 10 KMS 2038 activation method belongs to s1ave77 user MDL (thanks to him).
With this method, you can use your Windows 10 product licensed by 2038.
Up to now known antivirus applications have not seen files of this method as harmful.
Internet connection is not required for this method.

:: About online activation method ::

Some charitable users (mostly Chinese) on the Internet, publicly publish their own KMS servers, so you can use Windows and Office products licensed for 180 days.

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@Storm Breaker ⛏ time and time again we keep having to tell you about the same stuff, why is there no virus total here, now because we are back to the same thing over and over again you have gained your self an official warning, get a virus total ASAP

from this moment fourth if any off your newly created threads are not right just one thing it gets removed with warning you have 2 warning left dont waste them and create your threads right no more chances now you been doing this for a while now to no what to do


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yes i do we commit mistakes and you should have adviced me on my first thread so that it will be fine so any of your staff members should tell me
What the heck is this jibber jabbering Nonsense??? Inform and tell you what.. Over and over we been tell you and all you do is constantly forget ..
Made a fluffling List of the steps 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on and do some reading before spouting off to me or staff.. Now get quiet and get busy..
Dont even think about replying here
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