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Torrent + Direct Kutools for Excel v21.00 Multilingual 32 & 64 bit


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Kutools for Excel is a powerful Excel toolbox that frees you from performing time-consuming operations in Excel. The toolbox has more than 300 powerful functions for Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007 and Office 365.
Kutools for Excel is an add-in composed of a vast array of tools that can streamline your workflow, easing the management of workbooks and Excel content, in general.
Although Excel is a very rich and complex platform, some operations often become tedious, repetitive, and above all, time consuming. If you need a tool that can simplify daily tasks, KuTools is a decent alternative. It comes in the form of an add-in, which means it will create a complementary set of tabs inside Excel (two to be exact), where all of its features become available as soon as you open a workbook.While the first tab encases general tools that target common tasks, the second one is entitled suggestively Enterprise and is aimed at completing more advanced operations.
The two incorporate more than one hundred options that cover formatting, range management, content conversion, workbook manipulation, data importing and exporting, as well as cell encryption.

• List all open workbooks within pane
• List all worksheet names of a workbook within pane
• List all columns and titles of a worksheet within pane
• Minimize the ribbon with one click
• Minimize the ribbon, hide the status bar , formula bar and ribbon with one click
• Show or hide horizontal scrollbar
• Show or hide page breaks
• Easily set or limit a scrolling area in active worksheet
• Interactively hide or unhide multiple workbooks and worksheets at one time
• Select a cell or multiple cells randomly
• Insert a unique sequence number
• Convert values store as number into text
• Swap two columns or two same size ranges
• Insert a specific number of blank rows at a specified interval

Fixed in this release
1. Fixed: Super Find cannot find values less than a certain value.
2. Fixed: Cannot end the process of Currency Conversion after updating currency exchange rates.
3. Fixed: Navigation Pane leads to working areas confusing within multiple HDPI screens.
4. Fixed: The following features cannot select or deal with LAN paths or files: Format Converter, Combine Worksheets, Filename List, Import Pictures, Match Import Pictures, Batch Remove All Macros, Split Workbook, Import AutoText, and Export AutoText.
5. Fixed: After changing display language, slices of text don’t switch to current selected language in Format Converter and Insert Workbook Information dialog boxes.
6. Other minor bugs.

System requirements
– Office: Excel/Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365, 32 bit and 64 bit.
– Windows: Windows 7/8/8.1/10, XP, Vista, Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.

Screen shots

Sequence of Use
1. Install Microsoft Excel.
2. Install Kutools for Excel.
3. Run KeyGen.exe
4. Click "Install" in the field "License Helper".
5. Generate registration data using keygen.
6. Run Microsoft Excel.
7. Enter generate registration data into Kutools for Excel.

Virus Scan 1000 % Clean , If you are Paranoid "please
Don't Download" this App. :wait:


MD5 7504e50bcd179c0e5983c847fd3ad54d
SHA-1 256290d03fdfa1cfd569c2f9f80a4380f0942b4d
SHA-256 946e03b31ddc3b60832295b722b8cd5292c6f775cf6aec27aa81b756ee8845f5
File type RAR
Magic RAR archive data, v0,

SHA256 (Kutools.for.Excel.21.00.KeyGen.rar) - 385e68849973ca2b58886927e19f20a3c421acc05442f9a30a8f61e18a54ef29
SHA256 (KutoolsforExcelSetup.exe) - 9dfdfe2791ced1c22d72cf7791a18b086d22e6f229d2eb4e4cdfab5dc1d7ff9e

File size 45.90 MB (48126421 bytes)

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Torrent says Virus and better to delete
Then delete, no problem it's safer , to know more about read about "false Positive Virus " in google , Or.. if u are Paranoid ..Kindly don't download and delete for good