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Limitations Of "slim" Operating Systems.

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After reading countless responses made in the threads for the many custom and slimmed down OS's,it's time to set the record straight. It's painfully obvious to me(and fellow staff) that the majority of you do not,or refuse to read the descriptions given for slim OS's.

All of the slimmed down versions of Windows have many components and services removed,these are clearly listed in the descriptions. Many are major,some are minor.

Many have removed Windows Store,Update,Defender,Photos,etc... If you NEED these items,download a FULL Windows ISO.

Some items can be added in by using alternative means(like 3rd party apps.)

Many of you are downloading these "slim" OS's for gaming purposes. While a slim OS "may" improve gaming performance,the BEST way is to upgrade your hardware. Quit trying to play COD on a Pentium II computer.

If you download and install a slim OS before carefully reading the description of it, and what's been removed/ do so at your OWN risk,and have no business whining and crying about it. Our awesome OS authors spend countless hours creating their masterpieces, and deserve much praise and less bitching.

We have MANY full versions of Windows available for FREE download,most of them are by @The Rain.

Last but NOT least, NEVER ask here at TeamOS how to create a custom Windows ISO. It's against our rules,and can easily be found by using Google.

Think and READ before you download and comment!
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@Astro That was really good one & Even i Think it should be right above Chatbox with a bright colored highlight
And if possible on every Slim Build thread this post should be included :) ;)


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maybe you should make this one sticky :)
Apparently not allowed :banghead:
From the top down and this isnt from me.. Only Official Rules and Guidance Threads are to be Pinned.. Sorry

Now on to this and I would never mean to single anyone out in public but this is important.. I learned it long ago and EVERYONE else should too..

When we reply to Multiple posts we should do it in ONE reply post only Please.. Not individual singles Posts.. Here I will show this.. Notice I merged
4 single posts into one as they should have been..

Simple and sets a good example.. Again we are all adults and I ould never mean to embarrass anyone but this should help not only staff
but eager posting newbies as well.. Right??

Thanks All..:rock:

BTW: Awesome Idea Buddy, if they will only read and understand..
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Very well said.. in slimmed versions i just need to have it snipping tool, Windows Photo Viewer, Print Spool, Windows Media Player and Paint.. that's all.. so i always read their descriptions, what has removed and what has added.. stop complaining we are all here to get free OS by the help of admins we can get better releases. THANK YOU is Very Worth for them...

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