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Freeleech Torrent Microsoft Windows AIO DVD 2 (Windows Editions - NT 3.5, ME, 98, 95, DOS & more!)

Dark Wolf

Resident PC junkie
520.6 GB
6.9 TB
This DVD contains all Windows 9x editions, from Windows ME to 95 and older. Also includes NT 3.5, Plus! packs and MS BOB.

Contents of DVD:
-NT 3.51 Server
-NT 3.51 Workstation
-NT 3.5 Server
-NT 3.5 Workstation
-NT 3.1 Advanced Server
-NT 3.1 Workstation
-ME Upgrade
-ME StepUp
-98 Upgrade
-98 Second Edition
-98 Second Edition Upgrade
-95 Original
-95 Floppy Edition
-95 Upgrade
-95 Upgrade Floppy Edition
-95 A
-95 B
-95 B Floppy Edition
-95 C
-Plus! 95
-Plus! 98
-Plus! XP
-Plus! Digital Media Edition
-1.03 for 286
-2.1 for 286
-2.11 for 286
-Windows For Workgroups 3.1
-Windows For Workgroups 3.11
-NT 3.51 Shell Update
Note: These are Floppy img and exe files, see here for location....>>>
-7.0 Beta
Note: These are Floppy img files.

*Special notes - please read each note carefully:
If DVD is run inside Windows, each edition has the ability to create standalone bootable ISO files if needed.
It's recommended to burn this ISO to DVD at slow speed. I suppose it's possible to burn to a USB flash drive, though I've never attempted this. Do so at your own risk.
DVD is bootable on it's own. Once booted, you can select which edition you wish to install.
Install keys are included in a text file on the DVD (WIN.AIO.DVD-XISO). It's recommended to read the install notes on the DVD very carefully before installing any edition of Windows included on this DVD. Again, use at your own risk, as I am not responsible for any issues encountered while using this DVD, any install issues, use, updating, etc.

*Install notes/requirements/etc:
Release: All Windows DVD, Filename: all_windows_dvd_2.iso
Type: OS Format: ISO
Size: 4.7gb Date compiled: 9/07/2003

*Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Windows NT 3.51: 33MHZ/16MB RAM/150MB HD
Windows Millenium: 150MHZ/32 MB RAM/500MB HD
Windows 98: 66MHZ/16MB RAM/350MB HD
Windows 95: 33MHZ/8MB RAM/100MB HD


*All credit for compiling this DVD goes to XiSO.


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