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Locked My vacation on the island of São Miguel, in the Autonomous region of the Azores, in Portugal

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This is the history of the island of São Miguel,
In the Autonomous region of the Azores, in Portugal
where i have been 2 weeks :)

Açores Ponta Delgada
Agua do Pau – Açores

The Furna of the 7 Fates

A thousand warriors carrying saucepans and brushcutters run throughout the island,forced by their soul’s uneasy wind, carrying the Stone that was once fire.
In this place there is always a new dawn in the meeting of the lost ones, an incredible green touching undressed and wet feet.
The Mother od the Sky has walked through this vale, where walls with prayers and words of God have risen.
The legend and the dream that resists time live on.
A farmer whose hands were filled with calluses and life filled with nothingness.
A fisherman throwing hope and pain in his net.
Everything is simple here in the dart of yearnings, in the end of all horizons.
The land is cared for with sweat and prayers here, stories are invented, the hear always speaks louder and we pay promises, atoning the sin of the celebration of wine and bread.
We are, after all and each one, a rolling Stone planted on the island, polished in time, by the sea’s salt.


In the beautiful Vale de Cabaços, close to it’s port, between the rocks shaped by the vulcains’ fire, unceasingly beaten and molded by the Atlantic sea, the hermitage of Caloura’s convent rises.
The Construction of Caloura’s convent goes back to the 16th century, but it’s actual appearance is from the 17th.
This was the First feminine religious establishment of all the Azorean archipelago.
We are talkin gabout one of the most genuine and valuable relics of Lagoa’s religious patrimony.
Nowadays, Caloura’s hermitage and convent form an architectural set that can be compared to the letter U, with an opening turned to west, in whish the north body is constituted by the hermitage, attached halls, sacristy and some cells, having been developed to south the rest of the immobile, from this initial core and according to the necessities.
Risen probably in the 17th century, replacing a primitive temple, it contrasts from the remaning buildings because of it’s wealth.
In stonework, the decorative grammatic of the frontage can be situated in the end of the 17th century.
The central body of the frontispiece is completely covered of blue patterned tiles, which belong to a very rare model.
The temple’s inside is an authentic relic of 17th – 18th century religious art.
The hermitage’s body is covered by a rare set of polychromed tiles, so the main altar presents a golden retable with quirky angels of tired moustache and valuable images.
The notorious ethnographer Luis Bernarde Leite de Atayde statest hat “Caloura’s Recoleta contains blueish repository, filling a lot of bigger churches or museums of envy.”
“Ecce Hommo’s” image, commonly known as Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres is also connected to this Recoleta, Once, brought to Caloura, precisely to this Convent, it is now worshipped in Esperança’s Convent, turning the fulcrum into one of the biggest religious parties that are celebrated in the Azores.
It is believed that it was offered by the Pope Paulo III to two nuns of Caloura’s Convent, having there been kept until the exit of the last nuns, who brought it with them to Esperança’s Convent, in Ponta Delgada.
It was the boxed and taken image in Mulas to Santo André of Vila Franca’s Convent.
It hurt to even watch the image go away, everyone cried!
When the image exited the church , the sky became pitch black!
The wind lifted and almost swept houses and people.
A hideous storm fell and it looked like the end of the World!
The image should have never exited the church, it could only be a sign.
It was! Not even the mules that carried the imagewanted to walk forward.
The disgraces that came after confirm it.
They took the image and later buried a man called Frei Diogo in the church, some say he was swallowed by ashesand lava close to Furnas and that from his body a perfume that covered the whole island was expelled…
This Recoleta House’s history goes back to 4th July 1525, time in whish Vila Franco do Campo was suffering with the malfunctions of the plague.
To escape the devastation of this contagious evil, a noble man called Jorge da Mota, Knight of the Hábito de Avis, escaped to a farm of his own and there raised his daughter Petronilha da Mota, and later Maria de Jesus (religious name) who created friendship with Maria dos Anjos straight away.
These ones decided to serve God in the condition of becoming religious on a hermitage in Santa Clara, in Ponta Delgada.
However they never reached their initial fate, because when they arrived at the top of Pisão’s slope and seeing in Caloura’s vale a hermitage dedicated to Nossa Senhora de Conceição they decided that it had been a divine inspiration to live in that same hermitage.
There lived the two companions in the hermitage, six months, in entire isolation.
Only after, other pilgrims, after watchingthe devotion of the two friends, ended up joining them.
With the Apostolic Bull, the Convent start being accepted officially as a monastery and there, for ten years, lived 27 nuns.
However, as the monastery was by the sea it had few people, having only a couple fisherman, the nuns feared the pirates that sailled at the time in those seas.
This made them change from that monastery and, consequently, found another one in Vila Franca, Santo André’s monastery.
Also later, other nuns, in the same Caloura’s Recoleta Home, founded Nossa Senhora da Esperança’s convent, in the city of Ponta Delgada.
Caloura’s convent was deserted until 1633, time in which Bishop D. João Pimenta D’Abreu allowed the hermits of Nossa Senhora da Conceição to habit it, once their convent had been destroyed by earthquakes and volcanos that haunted Furnas at the time.
Caloura, old Vale de Cabaços as it was called, was a homely place and it was where history happened.
Sorry souls , punishes from the sky, misfortunes of poor and believing people ran through the imaginary of some and fear of many.
Until some day, in rainy January…

The son of two humble people, António Simão and Conceição Ventura, and a boy that had received by baptism the name of Libânio, lived in one of those poor habitations, built by pieces of cooled lava and hay cover.
He spent the days playing in the Floor of beatenearth of hid home, and sometimes he ventured through the rocks that existed by the coast of Vale de Cabaços, now called “Caloura”.
Today the island woke up with a thick layer of clouds.
It was two days ago that the son of António Simão and Conceição Ventura disappeared and all the efford to find him were in vain.
Libânio, a boy that was 8 years old.
He was born surrounded of weirdness.
Some say he was born before the right time, that the bells of the church rang alone few time before, that he cried in his mom’s womb.
They say he speak things nobody understands, guesses the death and whoever touches him receives luck.
They say so many things in this place.
What is known for sure is that he disappeared, flew to the sky of the crazy.
Even Gabriel Tisico’s dog, an animal with given proof of being a great sniffer,
Couldn’t find him.
The days were passing, seven to be exact and finally a fisherman found him, dirty with a strange glitter that covered his body.
The boy was seated next to a cave where there was said to live the devil, who, in certain nights of full moon, went out and imprisoned a soul, taking it to the dark bottom of it.
“The cave with the geographical coordinates of : 37 degrees 42, N25 degrees 35, 31 48! W, coordinates UTM 629.550 – 4175.325, altitude and 5 meters, a length of 325 meters, an estimated geological age of 30000 years, it might as well be the address of the creature humbled by God.
Nobody dared to go in there and who passed close to it would bless himself and hurry up.
António Simão and Conceição Ventura, washed up in tears, fell on their knees and with their hands put to the sky they thanked God for having freed their son of the claws of the cave’s demon.
They took Libânio home, cleaned and fed him, making a careful inspection through every fragile part of the boy’s body.
There should be fire or nails Marks from the creature.
Libânio said nothing for a week, not even a word came out of his mouth, which contributed to his parent’s restlessness by interrogating about that disastrous adventure.
It was all very strange.
How had that fragile creature survived so many days with nothing to eat or drink, in the cold and fear of that dark cave “in the house of the devil”?
Because great are God’s wishes, because great is his will!
Libânio woke up from that lethargy in the end of a few day’s opened his mouth and didn’t stop talking.
António Simão and Conceição Ventura were unbelieving with the things that the boy said, they didn’t know where he got such wisdom.
That could only be the work of something from outside this World.
Amazed they stood there hearing, sometimes having chills, other times with tears in their eyes, asking the boy to keep going, anytime he stopped in his hallucinated narrative.
Many of the things that came out of that mouth didn’t make much sense, because they didn’t belong in that time.
The way he said them, the shakes that invaded his fragile little body in certain occasions,
Made his parents think it was some evil thing that had possessed the boy’s body and through his mouth had been speaking all those future events.
Fearful, they decided to talk to someone that could unveil such mystery.
Frei Manuel Fernandes, they came to him for help in the convent, because at the time he already had fame of doing miracles.
He wanted to see the boy immediately, they had already talked about him, in the circumstances of his disappearance and the transformation he suffered after all that.
Priest in the front and the couple behind trying to explain, running over each other in senseless talk, the strange behaviour of their son.
The distance between the convent and their house was done.
Modest house, as all those who sheltered these scared soul, put there by the hands of the court, in this island of the archangel.
A light push and the three came in the house of only one division, where Libânio was seated, expelling a strange light.
The priest came close to the boy, touched him lightly in the head and sit in front of him.
Libânio looked at him for long moments, smiled and, by some reason , nothing came out of that mouth again, it was just like they had disconnected him.
António Simão, his father, came close to him, touched his shoulder and said :- Tell this priest the things that you told us, he’s a Saint man.
He might just cure you.
Nothing…! That Mount turned into a grave.
Embarassed, António Simão and Conceição Ventura were making gestures, encouraging their son to tell the priest the things he had told them.
The priest,watching that the boy could be inhibited by so many presence, asked the parents to leave so that he could stay alone with the boy.
The priest straightened himself, sniffed and calmly questioned the boy: - Libânio, wat happened to you ?
What did you see all those days in the cave?
The boy slightly lifted his head and with a strange glitter in his eyes said – Lights!
And people who fly! – Lights ? People who fly ? You saw angels, my God ?
Libânio with his lips shaking and wide eyes let out a waterfall of words.
-I saw with the eyes and heard only inside my head things that didn’t happen yet !
-They told you things that will happen in the future ?
Who told them ? – An angel that called himself Messenger… He told me, said that this is the island od the Angels, the island of the justice angel, the place chosen by Mother of the sky to bless the people with a pure heart.
Frei Manuel Fernandes was amazed by the boy’s words.
Was he delirious, making all that up or crazy by having stayed all those days in the cave ?
Speaking of the cave, how did this boy end there ?
The cave is at sea level, full of drained lava, there is a lot of overthrows there.
It has a very difficult access.
A child like this would hardly makei t there with no help.
But he had help, according to his words.
One day, by the end of the afternoon, he was seated by his house’s door, when a very lovely lady, dressed in white and blue, came close to him, held out her hand and said: come with me Libãnio… come… He didn’t resist, because that voice was so familiar, sweet and calm and her hypnotizing look made him just go wit it.
They ran through shortcuts and walked through rocks, by the lady’s hand, it was like they floated above obstacles, impossible to go through.
They arrived to an opening, by sea’s level, with abouth 2 meters of diameter, with drained lava, confirming a disjunction of slabs, with arches in it’s breast, with a very low ceiling.
When they arrived there the lady let go of his hand and with a smile said: - “Go, go in, the angels that live here will talk you abouth things that are disappeared in time” You will be the messenger of disgraces, but also of happenings that will shape this island and the souls of those that live in it .
The priest, each time more amazed by wat the boy said asked him: - …And what did these angels tell you, which happenings in the future will mark so strongly the people that live in this island, this place of Agua de Pau and all Lagoa?
Libânio made a long silence while the priest looked already without patience to the boy,
Such was the will of listening to what would come out of that mounth, - Dlin, dlon…
With nothing that would make him predict it, Libânio, with arm gestures and mouth sounds started imitating the sound of the bells. What has come into him now.
-Has the boy gotten crazy for good !? And the boy kept going with a loud and secure voice: - The bells will ring for the sons of many noble men of Água de Pau, the First of this island, serving the King in Africa, at the expense of him and his parents.
After a short silence he continued: The same bells will ring for these men close to it, after many acts of bravery against the Moors in the lands of Africa, they will take a place near Arzila and will be made knights.
They will come back a year before the flood of Vila Francain 1521.
The priest looked at the boy surprised.
And he continued: - One of those brave men will not come back straight away, he will comea year after, he left her companion with a child.
By not coming back he was considered dead and she will have married another man.
When he come back and saw that a man had taken possession of his wife and child,
He killed them while he was blinded wit anger.
Other deaths would come, originated by revenges of both families, - My God boy!
May God prevent this from happening.
He had not yet finished blessing himself and Libânio was already spelling a date: -
1,5,2…2, In a grey and rainy afternoon once more the protest of this island will be felt.
A tremendous catalysm will fall down in Vila Franca, shredding i talmost in it’s entirety.
The shake will be so big that all men will want to go back to Portugal and leave this land with the great fear they conceived from the terrible punisment.
Frei Manuel Fernandes was already shaking with that list of disgraces and between two ave marias said between the teeth when he interrupted the boy, commenting: - Did they only speak to you about disgrace and death ?
What an honest future for these people !
The boy won joy again and continued : - “The death will come back dead already in the body of a dead man”, In the month of July of 1523, in Ponta Delgada, originated in the island of Madeira, a casket that, by being open, will spread plague, will land.
Throughout nine painful years, it will be immense the confusion, emotional episodes, the anger of some moor slaves due to the plague, turning themselves into thieves at the boss
Of a cruel man named Badalail.
This will be the man stuck in a haystack, after a long Chase in Cabouco.
His head will be cut and giving to the Moors fort hem to Kiss, so that these may certify the death of their boss.
So much death! Such disgraces ! I’m not surprised you left that cave with no speech!
The priest was contorting with the storm made by the things that left the boy’s mouth.
- Did they at least speak to you abouth joys ?
Is there hope for these people at least ?
Libânio scratched his head, passed his tongue by his lips, saying: - The people of this land will be slaves and treated like animals by the ministers of your church who will take the orders from the King!
The priest coughed and answered: - But how can something like that happen with the church’s consent ?
The church of God protects it’s people ! – yes , the order will be giving by the hand of the Pope.
How can a church, dressed from feet to head of paganism, enslave, torture and kill pagans ?
Dum Diversas and Romanus Pontifex
The Dum Diversas is a papal bull published in 18th June 1452 by the Pope Nicolau V,
Addressing king Afonso V of Portugal, and believed by many to have opened the trade of Afrcan slaves.
In this bull he autorizes Afonso V of Portugal to conquer Saracens and pagans and making the perpetual slaves.
This bull was reiterated by pope Calisto III in 1456 and renewed by pope Sisto III in 1481
And pope Leão X, in 1514.
The concept of the shipping of spheres of exclusive influence to some nation states was extended to America in 1493 by pope Alexandre VI with Intercaetera.
Dum Diversas was a bull with essentially infinite geographical power in it’s application,
Maybe the most important papal act relative to the portuguese colonization, stating the following: We concede you (Kings of Spain and Portugal) through these documents, with our apostolic authority, plain and free permission of invading, searching, capture and subjugate the Saracens and pagans and any other incredulous and enemies of Christ wherever they may be , as well as it’s kingdoms, ducats, counties, principalities and other properties (…) And reduce it’s people to perpetual slavery.
From Água de Pau, in the shelter of this Saint version, all arabs will be taken prisoners.
Only those who were legitimately acquired were christianized.
The subjugated were the ones brought by Rui Gonçalves da Câmara.
Generally, few will go by own will, but obligated.
Every following year, fifty single men will be sent as soldier to marry many women that were there available.
After these ones there would be others sent as spending to the farm, “to procreate as animals”. Frei Manuel Fernandes remained mute and in a hand gesture asked the boy to keep going .- From the north of the island, in the village of Ribeira Grande, many people will come pray in our temple, because of not having church that can shelter saints and Faith.
They will cross the land every Sunday to pray here.
Their coming will not be peaceful.
They will cause a lot of misfortune between the pauenses.
Stone and covered in injuries they will end up building their own temple.
But there will be a miracle by the eyes of a child.
Everything will be passed to the sides of Pico da Figueira, also known as Pico Furado, situated in a volcanic cone.
It will be born in August 21st in the year of 1910, the year before a terriblewar, a girl called Maria Joana.
8 years old, just like me , she will go up Pico accompanied by a friend named Sofia,
A little younger, born in America.
The priest shorted it, it’s in this Pico that some weeds with whom I treat some diseases grow.
It’s a place of peace and calm.
When I go there “I feel closer to the sky, I feel the hand of God “.
But keep going !
The boy continued: - She will speak to Nossa Senhora, who will ask her to pray for the disgraces that will take the World.
Maria Joana will start going up the mountain frequently to pray.
Rumours will spread through the whole island about the apparition of the Virgin to the two girls.
The premonition that something extraordinary would go on there in July 5th 1918, made about twelve thousand people mobilize, focusing on the top of the mountain, and they will testify the apparition of Maria.
The priest in perfect amazement with the boy’s story, with his hands put, prayed an ave Maria, in the end of which he asked Libânio: - How does this grace from heaven end ?
What happens to these two girls?
Sofia will stay in this life for four decades to tell the miracle.
-And Maria Joana? – She will affirm with all certainty the promise of Nossa Senhora of taking her with her when she turns 18.
The parents will get a hermitage built in the place of the apparitions…
In this island, we go slow as the birds, the crazy and we wake up tomorrow with the smell of another craziness…
My God, let me with my children go through the Mountains, through the wool of the sheep, the wind “Let me in my scream, build a Temple of Silence”



It is also in Caloura that the Bateria of Nossa Senhora da Conceição of Caloura was build for defense of the coast.
It’s an elegant Azorean parish, whose name origin comes from belonging to a zone where a lot of heat is accumulated.
Another historic point is the Bateria of Nossa Senhora da Conceição of Caloura, or simply Convent Fort, which is located in the village of Caloura.
It’s main aspect was to maintain Caloura port and the Convent of Nossa Senhora da Conceição’s defence, to avoid pirate attacks, which were very frequent in the region.
The “Bateria of Nossa Senhora da Conceição of Caloura” is also referred ans “Fort of the Convento da Caloura” and “Fort of Nossa Senhora da Conceição”, it is locatedin the village of Caloura, known as Água de Pau, council of Lagoa, south coast of the island of São Miguel, in the Autonomous region of the Azores, in Portugal.

Pictures from the island and where i was there :)

1) The Hotel

2) View from hotel to the sea

3) Village view Aqua de pau where the hotel is

4) forest on a lake

5) lake view

6) Pseudocratera da Ferraria

7) Lagoa das Furnas

8) Hotspring in Furnas Boiling

9) Map view Furnas

10) Land view Furnas

11) Hotspring Furnas 2

12) Hotspring view 3

13) Hotspring view 4 and the Village

14) Furnas

15) Drawing on stones in a Busstop on the wall in Furnas

16) Fort in Porugal

17) Big Cannon in that Fort

18) Church on top of Mountain

19) Road Schield not far from that Church

20) Park in town

21) Church in town

22) Weapon schield from Agua De Pau
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nd yes i have visit the Furnas hot springs also
if you visit hot springs, be careful (do not agree to food preparation - Cozido das Furnas), where all the components of your meal are put together in the pot and then set deep near the hot water source to cook, and it takes several hours. You can order the same Furnas in each restaurant, and before dinner, as a dessert you must try processed pineapple (this is an unforgettable experience) ... and finally, women are very beautiful and dangerous there:giggle:...good luck:rock:


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I honestly appreciate this story! took me a while to read it, but wow! Thank you for this @SiteWizard! I’m going to have my wife read it next. Thanks again!!

The pictures you have added are simply wonderful! and really add a certain "je ne sais quois" Translation "I do not know what " to your story. Thanks again my friend! @SiteWizard :clap:
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