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*** Official Team OS Holiday Greetings ***

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On Behalf of Our Founders and Owners>> @Mr.Lonely and @The Rain and the Rest of the Staff..

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes For the Coming New Year!!

No Matter if You Been Naughty or Nice or In Sickness and Health, For the Rich or the Poor, For the Weak or the Strong,

For the Big or the Small, Until you have Completly Lived and Been Born Again.

Santa Claus and Your Creator along with TeamOS Love You All as You are and were Meant to Be!!

Most Importantly Have a Safe Holiday With your Family and Friends.

TeamOS is Counting on all of You to Keep us Great and Strong!!

Special Mention To: @Hawkeye , For the Wonderful Beginning Image!!


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That is very beautiful, I would like to thank you @TheMacGyver and all the Staff @teamos for a very heart warming message, and I want to wish each and every member of TeamOs a cheerful and fruitful holiday season of bountiful porportions the likes of which have never been seen before :D And I hope that none of you have to start your letter to Santa the way I do every year, with the opening line,,,,"Dear Santa, Let me explain..."
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