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Direct Overlays: Floating Apps Automation v5.3.1 [Pro]


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Overlays: Floating Apps Automation v5.3.1 [Pro]
: 4.4+
Overview: Overlays is an advanced multitasking/multi window automation tool that floats your widgets everywhere.

What are Overlays?
Your widgets, shortcuts and our in-app unique overlays.

Automatic and manual triggers
- Application - show your overlays only when a specific application is running.
- Events - trigger your overlays on event occurrence (i.e: automatically float your music player widget when you plug your headset).
- Home button - long press your Home button to toggle an overlays profile.
- Shortcuts - add overlays profiles' shortcuts to your home launcher to spare some room!
- Sidebar - swipe/tap your screen edge to reveal the sidebar and toggle your overlays.
- Always On - overlays will keep floating, everywhere
- Lock screen (Pro) - show overlays over your Android stock lock screen.
- Quick Setting Tile (Pro, Android 7.0+)

Included free in-app Overlays
- Floating Widgets
- Floating Shortcuts
- Floating Browser
- Floating YouTube
- Floating Camera
- Floating Calculator
- Floating Dialer & Contacts
- Floating Flashlight
- Battery, Weather, Clock, Missed calls, Unread messages and Widget shortcut

Supported Events
Incoming and Outgoing call, WiFi and Bluetooth state, Device docked, Headset plugged, USB connected, AC plugged and Airplane mode.


- Fixed: Sidebar item reorder
- Fixed: Remove all on multiple counter will not remove single counters
- Clipboard is now persistent between sessions

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You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.