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Read This Before Posting Here. Follow The Guidelines Please.

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1 ) Do not post a thread here until you have used our search tool or browsed the forum.
2 ) Ask Google for issues related to software.
3 ) Any issues with OS that have been uploaded then "tag" the author on the thread and kindly state your issues. Then wait patiently for an answer. [Do not not post a Thread for this here].
4 ) Note Regarding Outside Links on Threads and Post.

NOTE: Can I provide outside links to help user regarding their request?

Verified members can provide outside links regarding help. Just Kindly PM author/ recipient ONLY.

Registered Users cannot post outside links anywhere, period. If any are found, will be deleted without notice.

5 ) If any of these four simple steps are not followed before you create a thread here, thread will be denied and trashed. Don't waste our time and space please.

Where do I request for Help or for Software or Programs?

Kindly, create your request here:

Warning: Don't ask for game hacking, game money hacking tools or any topic regarding hacking.
Warning: Don't ask for patch/crack/keygen/serial keys/Mobile unlockers or any tool. Not even Cracked/patched versions of any software. What we have you can get it from Activators/ Crack/ patch/ keygen category.
Warning: No videos/training videos/training tutorial/programming tutorial video/or anything regarding playable video content. Not allowed.

6) No more threads allowed concerning problems with modded/customized OS's.. STAFF:: JUST Comment Denied and Locked and to posts all ISSUES ON THE THREAD IN QUESTION or HERE.. PERIOD

Final Note: Make a good title and give good complete details. Any incomplete nonsense or threads done that could of been answered by simply reading other site rules will be DENIED AND TRASHED.

Stay on topic and no back and forth Chit Chat and No Bumping/Charging Posts allowed.

Now Kindly Post your Issues etc. Thanks, and good luck. There are many folks here that have a vast array of knowledge. Create a proper thread and chances are huge you will find an answer here.

This is a guide on how to post your requests in this thread.
This will be edited/ updated at the discretion of staff.
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