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Direct Sapphire 2019 Plugin For Adobe Effects/premiere Pro (win/macos/linux - 64-bit) -=teamos=-

Discussion in 'Adobe Plugins' started by Mirkec, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Mirkec

    Mirkec Power User

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    33.7 GB

    Sapphire 2019 is the latest major upgrade for the legendary suite of VFX plug-ins. Key features included a revamped and enhanced LensFlare and Flare Designer, new PixelSort digital glitch art effect, new WhipLash transition, new animating shape tool for Effect and Transition Builder, new Mocha Essentials workspace with new spline tools like magnetic edge snapping, and is optimized for maximum CPU and GPU performance.

    The sapphire plug-in kit can increase user productivity, imagination, and give him unlimited creative space. Due to its excellent image quality and excellent rendering speed, it has been sought after by many lovers.

    Available now for all supported hosts: Adobe, Avid, the Autodesk Flame family & many OFX hosts such as Resolve, Fusion, NUKE, Baselight (versions 4.3 and 4.4 only), VEGAS Pro, and Harmony.

    • The best lighting effects;
    • Builder
    • Gorgeous presets;
    • Flexible pricing and licensing options;
    • Must have effects: glow, film effect, shake, lens flare, vignette.

    Adobe OFX Series Software:
    • Adobe After Effects CC – CC 2019;
    • Adobe Premiere PRO CC – CC 2019.
    OFX Series Software:
    • DaVinci Resolve 10 or greater Da Vinci Software;
    • Fusion Studio 7 or greater;
    • The Foundry Nuke 6.3v8 or greater;
    • Other OFX-compatible hosts (Baselight, Pablo Rio, Fusion).
    AVID series software:
    • Avid Media Composer any version;
    • Avid Media Composer Meridien v9 or greater;
    • Symphony any version;
    • Xpress Pro any version;
    • Xpress DV any version;
    • Xpress v2 or greater;
    • Newscutter v3 or greater.

    What is new in version 2019:
    Enhance and improve lens efficiency;
    New PixelSort signal damage failure effect;
    Enhanced Mocha tracking and masking;
    Newly added WhipLash effect and transition effect;
    Special effects and transitions for the new animation shape tool;
    New addition to the Mocha primary workspace and new spline tools (e.g., magnetic edge capture);
    Improve CPU performance and GPU speed improvements.

    Tech Specifications:
    Resolution independent - HD, 2K, Ultra HD, 4K, 8K, etc.;
    Floating point processing - All effects use full floating point processing for improved image quality and full 32-bit HDR support;
    64-bit enabled - expanded memory capabilities;
    Multiprocessor support;
    GPU acceleration is available for NVIDIA cards only. The latest NVIDIA CUDA card and driver is recommended.

    System requirements:
    OS: Microsoft Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP Professional SP2 or higher.

    Minimal Requirements:
    CPU: At least 1-GHz Pentium IV Disk;
    HDD: At least 1 GB;
    At least 1 GB Graphics card, must support OpenGL Monitor;
    Monitor: Minimum resolution is 1200x800 pixels;
    Network: Must have an enabled network adapter (WiFi or ethernet).

    Recommended Hardware:
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent;
    HDD: 4 GB + Disk;
    High-speed disk array Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 1500 or equivalent;
    Monitor: 1920x1080 or higher;
    Network: Must have an enabled network adapter (wifi or ethernet).



    Virus free! No virus signature! 100% clean!
    All credits go to AMPED who shared license server with us!

    Kind regards,
    in collaboration with TeamOS ;)

    Download links (Size: 416.82 MB):

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    Last edited: Nov 6, 2018
  2. vdogeek

    vdogeek Power User Verified Member

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    Looking Good! Thanks @Mirkec ....another one to add to my collection. ;)
  3. Gollapudi

    Gollapudi Verified Member

    30.5 TB
    623 GB
    Superb share @Mirkec Thanks for sharing :cool:
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  4. Zkingtut

    Zkingtut Registered User

    5.1 GB
    13.1 GB
    Can someone please show me how to install in windows for Adobe ?
    After I install rlm license server Adobe Ae crash if I want to change any sapphire effects
  5. AnggraDS

    AnggraDS Registered User

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    so great share guest....
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  6. Apocalypse612

    Apocalypse612 Registered User

    5.1 GB
    2 GB
    Awesome work! Thank you so much.

    Here's what you should do that may fix your issue:
    1) Uninstall Sapphire with an app like Total Uninstall, or IObit Uninstaller.
    2) Boot into Adobe Premiere or After Effects while holding SHIFT. This should clear your plugin cache. Then, close it down.
    2) Follow the included chinese instructions to install RLM server (Google Translate). Make sure you run the rlm_install.cmd file (The instructions mislabel it as a .bat file). At the user input prompt, hit the "A" button to install all the license types.
    3) Restart Computer.
    4) Install Sapphire Product.
    5) Boot into AE / PP normally, and you should be good to go.

    Let me know if that works.

    This has been working for me so far, but I may run into issues later, I'm not sure. This crack method is a bit different from the previous, which was to replace 3 files:

    rlmutil.exe, sapphire_ae.dll, & license-tool.exe

    At least one effect, the mosiac transition, has a big red X over it, so that one isn't working for some reason.
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 7, 2018
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  7. Zkingtut

    Zkingtut Registered User

    5.1 GB
    13.1 GB
    I did that exactly !!!
    The problem is after I open Ae and I go to apply sapphire it's OK and I see it licensed .
    The issue start when I want modify the sapphire effect here Ae freeze ... or when I try to open Sapphire effects Builder is giving me an Error ; error to connnect with ..... labalab and force close itself
    Even if i try to open Sapphire Flare builder as a Standalone it do the same ..
    I use windows 10 RS5 and Adobe CC 2018

    I can confirm now I am not alone with issue " force close "
    This cure doesn't work perfectly with Sapphire 2019
    I've just read long thread about that in another forum ; all are waiting for CE Patch because rlm doesn't work
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 8, 2018
  8. jack306

    jack306 Verified Member

    52.2 GB
    36 GB
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