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Show Your Desktop Image Here { 2018 }

Mr. Spacely

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We are starting this thread again for people who want to show their own cool desktops .. Here is mine first.
Tell us what OS you use, and any other useful information. No outside links please.

Windows 10 Pro Rs3 V.1709.16299.637 En-us X86 Aug2018 V.2 Pre-activated-=team Os=- {Updated to .665}

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Friendly Guide for Posting Images Here.

1. Use ONLY "Lookimg.com" for hosting your images.. Per @Mr.Lonely and @The Rain.
Any other image hosting sites are not acceptable and will be removed.
Hint: Find >Embed Codes>> Full Image>> BBCode and copy and paste to your post. Posters ignoring this and Posts with missing Images will be removed.
2. Give a short description of Operating System you're posting. Wallpaper etc... details.. Just a short mention is enough.
3. This Thread is for everyone no matter who, to see what others are doing and get new ideas. Use your imagination and best judgment and don't forget to give a "LIKE" to others.. Enjoy. :)

This new Thread here Approved by @Mr.Lonely and Thanks to @TheMacGyver for Collaboration...