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Speed Up Your Computer With Run Commands


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Thanks! I guess this is what ccleaner is doing, yes?
I think it does.

May I add tracert? it sends a packet (package of information) and traces it to the destination ip address. Good for troubleshooting connection issues.


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I tried the Temp, %Temp% on Windows 10 and it refused. Why is that??


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@Crash_king thanks for the tips! :clap:

And also a reminder for those of us who love to download everything (torrents and software):
The hard-drive fills up really quick when we're addicted to downloads, especially large gigabytes of files. lol

Keep an eye out on your hard-drive... as soon as it reaches its disc quota**
that is when your system starts to run really really slow.
Move your downloads to another drive or burn them to blank data DVDs.

**Disc Quota sets a limit so that some Free disc space may be used for virtual memory.
Without enough empty disc space for virtual memory, programs will crash more often
or not run at all and some custom user settings may not function... this is to compensate
for the performance of the machine.

The disc quota is user-configured in 9xx OSes up to XP,
and it is accessed by rightclicking C: > Properties > Quota tab.

I don't know if the OSes from Win 7 and up also have this Disc Quota feature.

Here's a few of my personal routines:

If I download a software that came Compressed inside a zip or a rar folder,
I unpack it and delete the compressed version.
It makes no sense for me to keep the compressed folder and the unpacked on the same drive,
as that would only take up more drive space... especially if the downloaded item is something
large such as an OS, or a movie, or a software....

...I also set my recycling bins for Permanent Delete without Confirmation, which means
that I delete the file without sending it to the Recycle bin.
...because I've already copied it to another disk and I know I will no longer need a file....

...After I've deleted the file permanently, I run the File Swipe tool (from Revo Uninstaller)
which is a government-standard swipe that will permanently remove the deleted file
from the hard-drive by re-writing over the data space with zeros, thus making it
impossible to recover the deleted data....
After that is done, I run the disc defrag, and then I restart my machine.

I do a basic disc defrag almost every other one or two nights while I'm at work.
And I do my deep cleaning routine once every week or two.

Until I get a new monitor for my tower, my laptop is my active "desktop" machine for now.
I have it on 24-6 night and day, and on the seventh day I shut it off to cool it down thoroughly.


Users of OSes Win7 and up:
You can use a blank 4gb USB drive as a memory booster to speed up
your machine's virtual RAM.
This method is called "ReadyBoost"...

Hope these tips help. :)
my best friend i think All the old timers, like me, know this allready , but it is good to tell it to the newbies :) So they also know this .
i have abouth 7 extern HD's from each 4TB and i leave always 250GB free just for the virtual space that is how to make it fast.


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Thank You GUYS REALLY I got to learn 2,3 things to speed up my computer.......


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SHIFT + DELETE!!! Such a huge help, thank you


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somehow on my last attempt/command (ipconfig) opens cmd window but asap it close
all rest went smooth and thank you


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great responses you've provided, your shared information is deeply appreciated!