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Suggestion To Edit Post Option

Discussion in 'Solutions And Discussions' started by Rahul200865, Oct 2, 2018.

  1. Rahul200865

    Rahul200865 Registered User

    8.1 GB
    12.7 GB
    Hi there,
    I would like to share my thoughts on post editing difficulties that i had a lot of times.
    Right now if i make a post and and then try to edit it, maximum time is 2 Minutes. Can it be increased to 5 minutes. It's a request as a lot of member are facing this issue and they have to create another post if they would like to add or edit their existing post.
    Also if i click on edit button within 2 minutes and while writing the text if time exceeds 2 minutes then it shows error that 2 minutes is exceeded. So for this i would like to say that if any user clicks on edit button within that time (2 minutes at present) the timer should stop as he tried to edit that post within 2 minutes.
    If this could be possible please do this.

    Thank you.
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  2. TheMacGyver

    TheMacGyver Staff Member Super Admin

    55.4 TB
    47.1 GB
    Lets see if @Mr.Lonely gets involved.. You have made a good case and really myself even wonder why there is a time limit at all to edit.. If editing is done responsible then whats the point.. If its not then it up to staff to correct
  3. qbeam

    qbeam Registered User

    5 GB
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    I agree with TheMacGyver. :cool:
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