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Teamos Bugs Resolved

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First of all i anwsered you on tomeCar's wall, but he deleted wall comments so maybe you lost access on that.
and make sure in Alert settings you checked marked this option: Comments on your profile posts for other members.

2nd of all it was not that tough the way you're thinking it is. and only you who asking this even surfing for Direct links not that tough, we mostly have Direct threads instead of Torrents and it wouldn't hurt if you move to next page then to other. Honestly that's really odd for me that someone cannot bear few torrents in each category. No Offense!

Anyway here you can see how it works....
Go to any category you want to have direct link threads: For Example: Operatiing System > Windows Xp > 32Bit
You will see direct, torrent, in list and then Click > Thread Display Options:

Use these options and Set them exactly like this:

Once you clicked on > Set Options > Page will reload automatically and you will see only Direct link threads.

Good luck & have a happy browsing.

Thanks master, I appreciate your time and effort to help me out. Sorry for disturb. Sorry for disturbing you. Btw, Thanks again. I will find that later. I'm busy today for work. :) Thank you.
Not open for further replies.