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Direct The Bat! Professional Edition 8.8.2 Multilingual x86/x64


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The Bat! Professional Edition 8.8.2 Multilingual x86/x64

The best email client in the world!

The Bat! The Professional Edition is the latest version of the popular and very convenient Windows client e-**** client with a pleasant user interface and a wide range of unique features required to work with e-****. Simultaneous work with an unlimited number of mailboxes (accounts); Powerful message sorting filters automate the work with correspondence; With message templates and Quick Templates, inserting the prepared text will save you a lot of time writing letters. Practical text editor with formatting; Spellchecker in several languages.

Program features:
URL manager for HTML image extraction in the background
The appearance of the URL Manager in the background for extraction of HTML-formatted images is due to malicious code being invaded by HTML messages more and more frequently into users' computers that contain graphics. With the new manager, you can lock suspicious images and skip secure images, so extraction does not depend on the folder or recipient of the message, but because of the danger of the host or URL of the incoming message.

favorite folders
Users have been given groups of favorite folders and addresses that allow grouping folders by various criteria, regardless of mailbox access. Users with multilevel message bases will appreciate the quick access to the desired message. For example, you can include various work projects, frequently viewed folders, the most important unread messages, and so on in Favorites.

address History
The address history allows users to track messages for each of their correspondents. The address history setup wizard automatically collects information about the recipients. Then, users can configure the maintenance history of addresses for specific recipients. The address history is managed on the Addresses tab in the Folders view of the main window, and can also be combined with the previously mentioned Favorites folders.

Updated interface

Modern design of the main windows as at first sight. Window headings and spaces are created on a smooth gradient background, removing unnecessary edges around graphical components that interfere with perception. The status bar account panel has its own custom pop-up menu, and the status bar itself has an option to show / hide the account log.

Improved text editor MicroEd
The MicroEd text editor feature list now supports Unicode encoding and use of all system fonts. You can use different fonts for different elements of the message and the drag-and-drop function for the entire system. We also included the "repeat" feature in Notepad and the simultaneous spelling checker for different languages. The search for text in the message is equipped with new features.

Extended picture display
With the image viewer, users can now view all images associated with the letter and switch between them. The module supports rotation, resize and zoom algorithms as well as full-screen mode. In addition, the module works with JPEG images with CMYK and YCCK color schemes.

More effective technical support
We introduced the environment variable EMAIL, which will facilitate technical support for the program. If you type "EMAIL" in the address bar of Windows Explorer, you will automatically be taken to the directory The Bat !. This makes the technical support of the program much easier - the user can enjoy The Bat! directly from Windows Explorer, regardless of where the program directory is located.

Intelligent security keys in PGP and S / MIME messages
The buttons that appear in the pgPP or S / MIME main window now show multiple message options. For example, if the message is signed and encrypted, a button is displayed that combines the signature and the encryption symbols.
The menus of these buttons contain the entire list of actions that can be applied to the message (eg decoding, display of signature properties, import of certificates, etc.). The most important actions are in bold. These actions are carried out by clicking with the left mouse button. If there is more than one such action, clicking the left mouse button will open a menu containing only these most important actions.

TNEF format support
Some attachments of messages sent via ******* were from The Bat! Not visible or accessible, because ******* uses its own format of embedded TNEF objects. Unlike normal messages with attachments, these messages do not contain winmail.dat or message.att. Now the bat! supports this format.

Faster work The Bat!
Sorting messages in the From, To, or Subject fields is now five times faster. In addition, The Bat! consumes even less computer resources due to fixed memory losses.

The Bat! 8.8.2 (22.02.2019)

New function
An additional button to deselect "Trash" folders across all accounts in the Message Finder
Users of the On-The-Fly-Encryption mode can specify / DECRYPT_FILE_OTFE command line parameter to decrypt a particular file and save it to disk

Contents of the "Organization" header line is not automatically appended in parenthesis to the sender's address header line on display the contents of the organization has a "@" character or parenthesis or an angle bracket
The Bat! ignores message header address line comments that contain "@" characters

Run setup.exe, install, do not start the application.
Run patch, and browse to install folder:
C:\Program Files\The Bat!
Select file thebat64.exe and patch it.
Use keygen to create valid key.
When you start The Bat, click OK in trial mode
Go to menu Help, Register and paste created key.

That's it!

WinRAR 5.60:


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