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Locked Think Like A Pro Java Programmer

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Think Like A Pro Java Programmer

Truly understand code, develop your thinking skills, and get deep foundations
In programming it is crucial, to have an excellent grasp of the current material, before continuing to the next one. Although usually in class there is a lack of time to really stay and repeat on hard topics or it may be hard to concentrate at a particular moment or for a long periods of time, but then the teacher goes on the next topic and since it relies on the previous one.. It would be even harder to follow

Video: AVC 1280×720 MP4​
Audio: AAC 48KHz 2ch​
Duration: 8 Hours
Lectures: 31
Size: 876 MB​

01 Introduction
02 Objects
03 Objects Arrays
04 Aliasing
05 Working with Arrays and Objects
06 Strings
07 Code Planning
08 Time Complexity with Various Algorithms
09 Array Practice
10 More On Algorithms
11 Problem Solving with Two Dimensional Arrays
12 ArrayLists
13 Linked Lists
14 Stacks
15 Queues
16 Recursion
17 Binary Trees​

You need some video media player application
VLC Player:
GOM Player:

To unpack .rar file, you'll need newest WinRAR 5.60:


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Download link:


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could anyone confirm if this file is still available ?
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