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Torrent System Info And Rules

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Hello All You Might Know We Have Recently Integrated Torrent System In Our Forum , So Here I am Giving Some Rules And Information About Torrent System To You.

1.Torrent Page


In The Above Image , I Am Explaining According To The Colors Marked.

1.Yellow :- It Shows The Download Button Of Torrent
2.Red :- It Shows No. Of Comments in That Torrent
3.Brown :- Size Of Torrent
4.Green :- Shows How Many People Has Downloaded It
5.Blue :- Shows How Many People Are Uploading The Torrent , Uploaders Are Known As Seeders.
6.Black :- Shows How Many People Are Downloading It. Downloaders Are Known As Leechers.

2.Torrent Details

In The Above Image Torrent Info Shows You The Information About Torrent.
Like How Many Peers It Have : - Peers = Seeders+Leechers.

The Files Tab Shows No Of Files And Content Present Inside The Torrent .


The Peers List Tab Shows The Details That How Many People Are Download(Leechers) And How Many People Are Uploading(Seeders)


The Snatchers List Shows That How Many People Has Completed Downloaded The Torrent

3. Your Torrent Stats

In The Above Image Shows Your torrent Details ,
Uploaded :-
How Much Data Through Torrent You Have Uploaded.
Downloaded :- How Much Data Through Torrent You Have Downloaded.
Ratio :- Ratio Is Uploaded/Downloaded , Which Means If U Upload More Your Ratio Will Be High.
Bonus Point :- The More You Upload The More You Get The Bonus Point.

4.Ratio Error While Downloading

Ques:- What Is This Error??
Ans:- This Shows When Your Ratio Is Less Than 0.5 , it Means You are Downloading Torrents But You Are Not Leaving Them For Seed.

Ques:-What to do in This Case??
Ans:- You Must Put The Old Torrents You Downloaded For Seeding So That ,Your Ratio Can Increase And You Are Able To Re-download Other Torrents.

Ques:-How To Prevent Yourself From This Type Of Issues ??
Ans :-When You Download Any Torrent Seed It Upto A Ratio of 1:1 , so that u will never see this error if u seed the torrents.

5.Freeleech Details

Ques :- What is Meant By FreeLeech

Ans:- Freeleech Torrents Are The best Way To Get Higher Ratio , In Freeleech Torrents Your Download Don't Count Only Upload is Counted , so through Uploading The Freeleech torrent You can get a higher Ratio. :)

1.Uploading Torrent Rules

  • Torrent Must Be Uploaded With Proper Details
  • Torrent Must Be seeded For As Long As Possible
  • Torrent Must Not Contain Any Virus/Trojan .
  • Higher Bonus Points Can Lead To Upgrade Of Account
2.Ratio Rules

  • Your Ratio Must be Maintained
  • Your Ratio Must Be Higher Than 0.5 in order to download Torrents
  • Seed More To Get More Ratio
3.Downloading Rules

  • You Must Seed The Downloaded Torrents
  • Hit & Run Will Lead To Download Limit
  • Keep Your Ratio Good
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Missed Out Details :-
  • Seed Bonus
  • Reset Passkey
These Details will be added soon.
That would be great! And release something like > if a user seeding +100 torrents then bonus points become double for each torrent.
What you think? i hope it would be intersting after all let them free to seed & have some points. at last advantage will be goes to site. :nod:


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Whats a pity is that myself and other have seen this wonderful thread and havent passed it on more to the lost members.. Ive looked and read this twice now and will be furnishing this link for sure:nod::nod:
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