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Direct Udemy : Filmora For Beginners: Master Video Editing School

Discussion in 'Post And Share' started by thewall81317, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Udemy : Filmora for Beginners:
    Master Video Editing School


    Curriculum For This Course


    What Will I Learn?

    After finishing this course you will be able to edit and produce any type of videos using Filmora. You will advance from a beginner to a professional video editor in Filmora!


    You will only need a computer/laptop capable of running Filmora. We got everything else covered, even how to download Filmora itself!

    This course will cover everything when it comes to video editing, including:

    - Downloading Filmora

    - Importing Footage & Getting Familiar With The Workspace

    - Important Basic Editing Options

    - Adding Video And Audio Effects/Transitions

    - Recording Your Own Audio and Adding Free Music For Your Project

    - Decorating And Color Grading Your Videos

    - Exporting Your Final Product For The Best Quality Possible

    - Using Filmora All-Around to its Fullest Potentials

    - Preserving Knowledge and Professional Cut-thru And Tips

    And Much More!

    Who is the target audience?

    Anyone who is trying to learn how to produce videos in Filmora. This course is designed in a unique way so everyone can adapt. Beginners have a special welcome!

    By The End of this course, you will upgrade from a beginner to a professional video editor in Filmora Wondershare. You will be ready to look out for job applications and increase your income! You will edit advanced footage and know how to tell a story using your video within Filmora Wondershare! You will finally have the understanding of how to use Filmora for fun or carrier opportunities.

    Download Links

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