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Upgrading suggestion/question...f


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Is it possible to have an "Other" option when making VIP payments so that someone could (for instance myself) pay $20 or so weekly until we hit whatever the cutoff for that range of time we're shooting for has been hit?

For instance $20/week for 5 weeks until we hit the 6 month dues.

My Fiance would chew me out if she thought I gave a website $100 or $200 to download Windows from. I know that sounds ridiculous but it would make things easier for myself and I'm sure others for various reasons be it financial or a situation like my own. I really just dont want to hear it. She used to get so mad when I'd donate to What.CD and others in the past.


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There are TONS of free OS's available. Many of which are complete and unaltered(save for preactivated). Most of the VIP only ISO's are just themed and have many services removed. That being said, I seriously doubt that the admins will go for a "payment" plan. Have a good day.