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W7 Recent Releases - 'windows Repair' Options Don't Work

Discussion in 'Solved' started by upclicker, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. upclicker

    upclicker Registered User

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    Recently tried to install several TeamOS W7 releases and none of them had a Windows Repair option that works.

    Installing the OS from DVD and activating it worked fine without problems.

    But when I reinserted the disc, rebooted and selected Windows Repair, all the options that I tried got me a message that said something like 'This option isn't available with your operating system.'

    Actually, the OS seems to be a hybrid of W8 (orW10) in several respects. The first boot screen has the W8 pale blue window image, and the throbber is the white rotating circle of dots. In the recovery\repair mode, all of the images seem to be from W8 or W10.

    Anyone able to help with this, please?
  2. TheMacGyver

    TheMacGyver Staff Member Administrator

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    First of all Watch where you post.. This wasnt and upload with Direct Links..:banghead:

    Second.. For God Sakes what have you installed? Win 7 what.. Give us the Thread Link;)

    We dont serve Hybrid OS's but I will Serve @The Rain for you........
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