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VIP Windows 10 Eloquence 2016 [crash_king] -v.2


Power User
4.8 GB
66 GB

Release info :

Source : en-ru_windows_10_th2_10586.494
Name :Windows 10 Eloquence 2016 X64.iso

Image Mode :
  • ESD (Smaller size)

Yes , All Windows 10 TH2 updates till 11/7/2016

Software integrated

  • 7zip
  • WindowsLoader
  • Registry
  • Rainmeter
  • Bonus folder
Components Removed

  • Australia Local Pack
  • Canada Local Pack
  • Great Britain Local Pack
  • Music and Video Examples (Ringtones)
  • New Zealand Local Pack

  • 500ms Delay Aero Peek
  • Desktop Icon Size::32 (Default)
  • Disable Enhanced Pointer Precision
  • Show 'Computer' on Desktop
  • Show 'Control Panel' on Desktop
  • Show 'Network' on Desktop
  • Show User Folder on Desktop
  • Allow 3rd Party Themes
  • Control Panel View::Large Icons
  • Disable 8.3 Name Creation
  • Disable Low Disk Space Notification
  • Double Mouse Speed
  • Force Aero
  • Increase Icon Cache
  • Mouse Hover Time::400 (Default)
  • Remove Shortcut Arrow
  • Speed Up Desktop
  • Speed-up Access to AVI Media Files
  • Change CMD Text Color::Bright Yellow
  • Change Registered Organization::TeamOS
  • Change Registered Owner::Crash King
  • Disable Auto Reboot after installing updates
  • Disable Windows Media Player AutoUpdates
  • Enable SSL and TLS
  • Open NFO files with notepad
  • Always Show Menu Bar
  • Always Switch To New Tabs When They Are Created
  • Disable First Run Customize
  • Disable IE Crash Detection
  • Disable Internet Explorer to Check for Updates
  • Enable Suggested Sites
  • Enable Third Party Components
  • Faster Browsing in IE
  • IE Homepage::
  • Reset Text Size(New Tabs)
  • Set Google as Search Provider
  • Unlimited Simultaneous Downloads
  • Administrative Tools::All Programs
  • Change Logon Background::C:\Users\ACER\Downloads\luxury\945418247.jpg
  • Disable Group Policy Synchronise
  • Logon Screen Text::Dark Text Shadows and Light Buttons
  • #vLite
  • Delete 'WinSXS\\Backup' Folder
  • #Options
  • Compatibility Check
  • Create Backups
  • Debug Updates
  • Enable CMD
  • Failed Updates to Silent Installers
  • Integrate 'HDC' Drivers (boot.wim)
  • Integrate 'SCSIADAPTER' Drivers (boot.wim)
  • Integrate 'SYSTEM' Drivers (boot.wim)
  • Move Known Problem Updates to Silent Installers
  • Prepare Drivers
  • Prompt Addons
  • Prompt Drivers
  • Prompt Gadgets
  • Prompt Silent
  • Prompt Themes
  • Prompt Updates
  • Prompt Wallpapers
  • Rebuild Image
  • Remove Invalid Drivers
  • Retry Updates
  • Show Duplicates


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10.1 GB
30 GB
This OS looks fresher than your local supermarkets daily fruits & vegetables!!!
Geeez!!! I'll be requesting this as a VIP..
Man, Me not having this is like me not smokin the best weed havin a gay couple adopting an infant tryna breast feed... It ain't happening...
Respek for the Uppie!!!