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Torrent + Direct Windows 10 RS5 LTSC - Lite Version


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awesome, no bugs finded till now.

Chm files should open in Windows 10 without any issue

Right click a chm file and choose Open with

Does Microsoft Help HTML Executable appear in the list?

If not, scroll down and click 'More Apps'

Again check for Microsoft Help HTML Executable, if that s not in the list, at the bottom, click 'Look for another app on this PC'

Navigate to find: C:\Windows\hh.exe

Is it possible to reinstall store?
is not possible at all, we had a file on the forum for that... but the thread is locked and the link is dead! try the search feature...


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why? link me i cant find that service x{

Btw, first /bug/, i can-t add keyboard layouts to pt'pt


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Thanks a lot. I have genuine Windows 10 Home on my laptop but, it consumes lots of disk storage/size and I decided to try your build and your build made my laptop faster and I have more disk space because of your custom windows 10 os. Because of your effort I happy now.

The most important reason why I decided to try pirated os is, I am a windows 10 insider and recent insider update causes my laptop hang/stuck at both shutdown+reboot and I wanted escape from this misery and I thought why don't I try lite windows 10 instead of reinstall os and holla your lite os is amazing.

Thanks again.


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is possible to add a language during the installation or something like that? i want to use this OS in a crap old PC with 2GB of RAM but i need to use two languages (spanish and italian) or some other OS with the function of languages that runs faster on that PC?