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Torrent Windows 7 Crux X86 [axeswy-tomecar] [teamos]


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24.8 TB

Description :

This a Windows is based on windows 7 Ultimate SP1 , Was optimized for low end PC and also for those who need to get the most out of their computer , some unneeded services was disabled and also couple of features that we rare use if not ever , it also include all the last updates and native support for USB 3.0 . allowing 3rd party themes and including other 3rd party softwares


If windows asked for key during installation do the list below
  1. Open the folder "sources"
  2. Delete the file PID.txt
  3. Copy this file ei.cfg to that folder "sources"
  4. Fixed



• en_windows_7_ultimate_with_sp1_x86_dvd_u_677460.iso

• Included :
Including Microsoft updates until 15/06/2015 and Internet Explorer 11

Softwares included :
• COMODO Internet Security
• K-Lite Codec Pack Full (Replaced Windows Media player)
• Skype
• iObit Advanced Systemcare Pro
• All Microsoft visual c++ redistributable (2005 till 2013)
• Loader (Silent Activation)


Setup account

login screen

Only 440mb of RAM with comodo running in the background

import windows 10 icons , to give the modern feeling

Included over 15 wallpaper for all the tastes....

[ aXeSwY & tomeCar ]
Sorry Thread was deleted while uploading torrent.
So I have Uploaded it (Mr.Lonely)

{ all builds are tested no problems whatsoever , and no keys need }
{ It's pre-activated / key included }
{USB 3.0 Boot time supported}
{PM ME OR @tomeCar FOR HELP}

Download Torrent Here:
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Waqas Wasil

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188 MB
2 GB

Q: This is not Windows 7, this is Windows 8.1, are you crazy?
Ans: This is 100% Windows 7, Only the setup from Windows 8.1 is used due to better compression.

Q: Setup always gets stuck with an error on 65% or 70% while installation from a pen-drive?
Ans: Make sure you format the pen-drive to NTFS.

Q: I don't want to install some or all of the pre-included software??
Ans: Browse ISO > Sources > $OEM$ and make changes as you wish.


Proud Sinner ;{>
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230.2 GB
Thanks! :clap:

I had just completed my download and right now I've started seeding,
but my upload speed is not showing?
I guess I should wait a few hours to see a difference; my client stays open
24-7 so I shouldn't have any problems unless my ISP caps me.


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3.3 GB
5.3 GB
Setup has falied to validate the product key,how to fix this i copy ei.cfg and before that i needed a key sorry for bad english


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40.7 GB
3.2 GB
I also have a problem with my smartphone, when connecting. MTP does not work, tried drivers from google and from my brand. Too bad, because I realy like this OS, looks stylish and works fast. How this MTP problem can be fixed?


26.3 GB
3.4 TB
Any fix for MTP? couse I really like that OS but can't use it without MTP feature ...
This is weird MTP uses it's own plug&play driver and i didn't disable no service related to this matter which mean something went wrong try to do this

  • Open Regedit ( Press Windows button + R and type "Regedit")
  • Go to HEKY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> SYSTEM --> CurrentControlset --> Control --> Class --> {EEC5AD98-8080-425F-922A-DABF3DE3F69A}
  • Right click on "upperFilter" value and delete


Proud Sinner ;{>
65.6 GB
230.2 GB
I was checking the peer list for this torrent (and the other W7 Crux torrent), this peer list shows me as not active and 0 upload speed.

I've been seeding this torrent for a month 24-7 nonstop and now my client shows the two Crux torrents (and other TeamOS torrents) are "Queued Seed".
Then I checked and stopped other downloads, so that I could move these torrents further up the Que to Seeding status...

...I'll have to keep trying to move them up the Que until I start seeing upload speeds again.
Right now I have 8 separate ISO files downloading that are part of a box set (22gb), I'm waiting for those downloads to complete so that
I can stop them and continue seeding these TeamOS torrents.



Proud Sinner ;{>
65.6 GB
230.2 GB
I had just tweaked the settings in my client, so now the stuff I d/loaded from TeamOS (and this torrent)
are moved up from "Que" to seeding status.
After this setting change, I went back later on and set each of my d/loaded TeamOS torrents
to Forced Start ( "[F]Seeding" ) ...I hope this helps.



Proud Sinner ;{>
65.6 GB
230.2 GB
Upload speed is important, but not vital (unless your ISP is capping your bandwidth, or your machine is offline).
As long as the client stays open and the torrent is still being seeded, we're good.

My torrent client is set to run at startup every time I restart Windows, and it resumes seeding.


Proud Sinner ;{>
65.6 GB
230.2 GB
I've been offline, had to reinstall Windows 7... this time I installed this Windows 7 Crux edition
and I'm running it now.
Setup time: about 40 minutes. But I actually spent about 7 hours from the time my hard-drive crashed
after installing a 4th hard-drive! lol
Then my previous Win7 system would not boot. So, I used an old XP installation disk to install
XP as a "repair" system so that I could access my secondary hard-drive and burn this Win7 Crux iso
to a DVD. I burned the DVD at the slowest speed possible.....

...after that, I rebooted to my computer's BIOS setup to shut off all of my other hard-drives
except the C: drive and the DVD drive, and switched the boot priority to the DVD drive...

...then I rebooted my computer to the Win7 Crux DVD and did a clean installation
of this Crux edition. The installation went smoothly, I didn't even have to sit and watch it,
and it didn't ask me for any keys,
So I went out to my grocery store to get some cigars, chips, and cola. lol ........

....I returned home just in time to enter my username and password to start Windows.
This Win7 Crux edition installed successfully!


I like this edition. But now I want to use a black or darker theme.
But first I must install my graphics card driver, and then apply a theme patcher
so that I can use 3rd-party themes.

As for the features in this edition, very nice! But I had to close Comodo, it just gets in my way
and its Antivirus is detecting false-positives in my other hard-drives; so I had to disable
Comodo's antivirus and close the program so that it won't quaranteen and delete any of my
downloaded torrent files. I'll turn Comodo back on later.

As soon as I'm done reinstalling some of my drivers and programs I will start uTorrent
so that I can resume seeding this torrent.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate this Win7 version 10 Metal-heads!
:rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock: :rock:

Thank you Axeswy and Tomecar! :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: