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Torrent + Direct Windows 7 Sp1 Rus-eng X86-x64 -8in1- Kms-activation V3 (aio) By M0nkrus

The Rain

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Windows 7 SP1 RUS-ENG x86-x64 -8in1- KMS-activation v3 (AIO) by m0nkrus

General info:
Year of release : 2017
Version : 6.1.7601.17514
Developer : the Microsoft
The author builds : m0nkrus
Platform : x86-x64
Language : English + Russian
The medicine : not required (the installer is already disinfected)

System requirements:
* 32-bit (x86) Or 64-bit (x64) processor with a clock frequency of 1 GHz.
* 1 GB of RAM.
* Interface Support DirectX 9 from WDDM driver, At least 128 MB of graphics memory, Pixel Shader 2.0 and chromaticity of 32 bits / pixel.
* Hard disk capacity of 40 GB to 16 GB of available disk space.
* The drive for DVD-ROM drive.
* Audio output capability.
* Access to the Internet.

This assembly is not something new and revolutionary. This is only a small processing assembly Windows 7 RUS-ENG SP1 the x86-x64--8in1- the KMS activation v2 (the AIO) .Changes little, but they are quite important and, in my opinion, are very useful. However, below you can familiarize yourself with them and make for a conclusion, if it is necessary for you personally!

operabilityassembly carefully checked to the extent possible. After installation you get a fully registered and activated operating systemWindows 7 the chosen wording.
Composition of assembly
Cborka includes 4 4 Russian and English edition Windows 7 SP1 for 32-bit (x86) and 64-bit (x64) nucleus:

- Windows 7 Professional SP1 x86 Russian- Windows 7 Professional SP1 x86 English- Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64 Russian- Windows 7 Professional SP1 x64 English- Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x86 Russian- Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x86 English- Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 Russian- Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 English

Some features of the assembly
- Windows 7 distributions lie in the assembly based on the posted on MSDN twelfth May 2011.
- In the assembly of integrated four updates are required to support the Windows Update functionality: KB3172605, KB3177467, KB3138612, KB2534111.
- Integrated tweaks that add to the context menu items "Copy to folder ..." and "Move to folder ...".
- The installer Windows 7, install the OS and service recovery systems are integrated USB 3.x drivers for the following vendors: AMD, Asmedia, Etron, Fresco Logic, Intel, Renesas, Texas Instruments, VIA.
- The system restore service, how to start with the installation media, and built into the system, the module is integrated Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) version 7.0, which greatly expands the possibilities of resuscitation system.
- The system restore service, how to start with the installation media, and the built-in system itself is integrated SmartFix version to automatically solve the most common problems and treatment of the operating system from malicious programs, which can not cope antivirus.
- At an early stage there is a pre-boot setup menu where you can select the capacity of the primary shell, that is how the installer will be used, 32-bit or 64-bit. Because of this, you should not worry that the 64-bit version of the OS can not stand on the RAID, and that its users may be without service recovery system.
- The installer made the necessary changes to loading under the EFI / UEFI has been possible not only with blanks, but also with the stick.
- With all editions remove the restriction, because of which at the stage of the installation it was impossible to enter the license key.
- If during the installation you entered a valid license key in the appropriate field, then the system will be activated with this key to a completely legitimate. If the field is left blank, it will be used alternative methods of activation.
- If during the installation you will enter some dummy keys (. See FAQ), then the system will be installed without any kind has been activated. This may be necessary, if it is on your hands you do not have a valid license key, but you will soon.
- If during the installation you will enter a key at all, the system is activated automatically with the activator AAct 3.2 Portable from Ratiborus installing automatic reactivation every 10 days. At the same time, in addition to the "Start" menu shortcut will be added to the activator of the executable file named "KMS-activation". With this activator can be activated not only Windows, but and Office 2010/2013/2016 VL.
- If you choose to install Windows 7 Enterprise (Enterprise), then after installation you will be able to switch the interface language from Russian to English and back standard means Windows 7 Enterprise (Enterprise). If you have installed Windows 7 Professional (Professional), you can use for this purpose utility Vistalizator version 2.75, the label which is available in the "Start" menu.
- In view of the technical features, the 64-bit version of Windows 7 with this assembly can not be updated on a 64-bit version of Windows Vista / 7. However, there is an opportunity to initiate a so-called Custom installation. When you run Setup from the DVD / USB-device as a bootable media, it's simple. But to initiate the installation from the 64-bit operating system, it is not necessary to start setup.exe through a root of the media with the distribution, and through setup.exe, which is located in Sources folder distribution. Autorun installation media when you run out of an existing operating system, select the desired type of launch itself.

Differences from the build of Windows 7 SP1 RUS-ENG x86-x64 -8in1- KMS-activation v2 (AIO)
- made a complete reorganization of the drivers of integration policies for USB 3.x in the assembly. Now they are embedded in the installer, and install the OS, and service recovery system. Drivers represented by the following vendors: AMD, Asmedia, Etron, Fresco Logic, Intel, Renesas, Texas Instruments, VIA.
- In the assembly of integrated four updates are required to support the Windows Update functionality: KB3172605, KB3177467, KB3138612, KB2534111.
- The service of a system restore, how to run from the installation media, and embedded in the system itself, AntiSMS program is replaced by a similar program in functionality SmartFix version
- As used previously to assemble activator KMSAuto Lite Portable 1.2.4 is replaced by the AAct 3.2 Portable.
- Insertion earlier changes that prevent the automatic download and install updates, obsessive recommending upgrade to Windows 10, excluded from the register as irrelevant.

: What cut or modified in the system installed with this assembly? What programs are added?
Answer: Look under spoiler "Some features of the assembly." For gifted I specify at once: in the assembly of integrated all four updates!

Q: Can I turn on automatic updating for the system installed with this assembly? It will work?
Answer: Yes, you can use the auto-update. Will work.

Question: Are there any restrictions on the installation there, except the system requirements?
Answer: Yes, there is. Installation of the new system in EFI / UEFI mode, out of the existing system is not possible. Installing a 64-bit system from under the existing system in the format of the old system upgrade is not possible. Installing a 32-bit system to EFI / UEFI mode (usually need to be installed on the tablet) is not possible. Installing a 32-bit system using a 64-bit installer is not possible.

Q: You wrote that the 64-bit version of Windows 7 with the assembly not to install the update on the 64-bit version of Windows Vista / 7, but you can initiate a Custom installation. What is the difference between updates and custom installation?
A: When you install the update, all files, programs, settings, operating system installed earlier, if possible (if they are compatible), will be integrated into the new OS. But, also, I would like to note that all file system errors, registry, etc. also can go to the new OS. A custom installation on top of the old operating system, the entire contents of the OS is stored on the system HDD / SSD Windows.Old section in the folder, from where it is then, if necessary, can be transferred to a freshly installed OS. After "pulling" of the desired content, Windows.Old folder can be safely removed.

Q: You can get a little more information on the built-in driver assembly for USB 3.x?
Answer: In the assembly of integrated following drivers: AMD (USB 3.0), AMD (USB 3.1), Asmedia, Etron 1.00.0000.0119, Fresco Logic 3.7.33001.0, Intel (fernando edition) , Renesas, Renesas, Texas Instruments, VIA 6.1.7600.5101. More want to dwell on the Intel drivers.Earlier, I fundamentally do not embed them in the assembly, because Intel developers are extremely incorrectly approached the assignment ID for USB3-controllers that sometimes led to incorrect comparison of drivers and controllers caused the failure of the ports as USB3, and USB2. Now I'm using a modified folk artists (some fernando) driver that works with all USB3-series controllers. Driver is digitally signed and does not violate the integrity of the system.

Q: Which program you can recommend to deploy the assembly to the stick?
A: For these purposes, I highly recommend the program Rufus . This is the only known me a program that helps you deploy the assembly on a USB flash drive that has been formatted in NTFS, without losing the ability to install it in EFI / UEFI mode. And do not touch once again setting - the program knows which mode is optimal for the image.

Q: I did not receive pre-boot menu with a selection of the bit installer. Why?
A: Your computer supports the installation of the EFI mode / UEFI and chose this mode for installation. Installing EFI / UEFI is only possible with the help of the 64-bit installer, so there is no choice - it is automatically selected.

Question: At the initial stage of the installation I get the message "The system seems to lack either network cards or network drivers". What is it?
Answer: This is a notice that the installer did not find the active network card. This may be due to her lack of physical computer, and the absence in the driver installer for your specific model of network card. In any case, do not worry. Installation and operation of the system is not affected. Click OK, and then quietly continue with the installation.

Question: I need a setting in the BIOS mode to MBR-section, and the system is in the EFI / UEFI mode GPT-section. What to do?
Answer: Go to UEFI-BIOS and change the settings there, responsible for the selection of setting mode. The UEFI-BIOS of different manufacturers of the names and locations differ. But in the network, and there are more or less detailed descriptions of how to do this for different models UEFI-BIOS. If all extremely hard, and you can not find the desired option, then simply remove from the assembly bootmgr.efi file and folder efi. This would deprive the assembly installation starting opportunities in EFI / UEFI mode, and it will have to run the installation in the BIOS mode.

Question: I need to install EFI / UEFI mode GPT-section, and the system is in the BIOS mode, the MBR-section. Why?
Answer: First of all, your computer may not support the installation of the system in EFI / UEFI mode. Secondly, in the UEFI-BIOS can be disabled options that are responsible for the ability to install in this mode . Third, if you set the system from a USB drive, be aware that the EFI / UEFI mode can only be set if the flash drive is formatted as FAT32 (or NTFS using the program Rufus ).

Question: I have made the Russian version of Windows 7 out of the EFI / UEFI, but the inscription "Starting Windows" and the boot menu on my English. Why?
Answer: This is not a problem of the assembly. Alas, it is a problem of Windows 7 as a whole. Even in the original Russian distribution loader, installed out of the EFI / UEFI system has an English interface.

Question: I want to install the system without activation. How to do it?
Answer: In order that you do not prevent the built-in activator assembly in input Installer key box, specify the following keys: FJ82H-XT6CR-J8D7P-XQJJ2 -GPDD4 ( for Professional), 33PXH-7Y6KF-2VJC9 -XBBR8-HVTHH ( for Enterprise) . This dongle keys Dummy - keys, which were originally built into Microsoft distributions to replace "vacancy", unless you enter your license key or not use KMS-activated.

Q: Earlier in your assemblies you used KMSAuto Net or Lite. Now it AAct! Why are your preferences changed?
Answer: I have checked all of these activators to VirusTotal service and found out that at the time of release on the assembly AAct reacts much less anti-virus, rather than the other. In order to reduce the possibility of destruction of the activator to your Antivirus, I have stopped the choice on AAct.

Q: I do not know how, but I flew activation, produced with the help of the activator included in the assembly, and now the computer displays that my copy of Windows is not genuine. Why do such a thing could happen? How to solve a problem?
Answer: Start with an activator located in the "Start" label "KMS-activation" and reactivate the OS with it. If you do not find an activator system, so your antivirus or activator considered dangerous and removed it, or you are somewhere namudrili. For example, enter a dummy key during installation. In this case, search the network activator AAct Portable from Ratiborus and reactivate the system with it.

Q: You wrote that the built-in assembly activator can activate Office 2010 VL, Office 2013 and Office 2016 VL VL. How to do it?
Answer: There is nothing complicated. Run actuator with label "KMS-activation", which is located in the "Start" menu, and you simply select the activation mechanism.

Question: When you start Internet Explorer I have always opens the Welcome screen. How to remove it?
Answer: Run gpedit.msc from the command line. In the window that opens, follow in the User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> the Windows Components -> Internet Explorer. Find there the "Do not run the wizard for the first time", and double-click on it, open the settings of this option. In this window, set the switch to "On" and just below, under "Select" to set the "Go directly to the welcome page." Or the problem could be solved through the registry: From the command line, run regedit.exe and go along the path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Policies \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ Main, there create a new DWORD-value named "DisableFirstRunCustomize" and assign it a value of "1" . After applying any of the methods for the changes to take effect, you must restart the computer.

Learn more about MSDaRT and SmartFix
A set of tools Microsoft Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset (MSDaRT) helps to diagnose and troubleshoot the system arising from the start, as well as other problems.

The kit includes the following tools:

Registry Editor
Registry Editor can be used to access the registry of the Windows operating system and its changes in the analysis of the state of the operating system or its recovery. It allows you to add, delete, and modify keys and values, and import the registry files (* .REG).

Password Change
WizardPassword Change Wizard allows you to set or change the password for any local Windows operating system account, the analysis of the state or the restoration is performed. It is not necessary to know the current password. However, the new password must meet all the requirements that are defined in the local GPO. This includes the password length and its reliability.

Crash analyzer
Crash Analyzer is used to quickly determine the cause of a computer failure. To do this, the Windows operating system, which recovers the memory dump file is parsed. Crash Analyzer scans the crash dump file, which refers to a driver who has become the cause of a computer failure. You can then disable the problematic device driver using the Services and Computer Management tools drivers.

filesWith the recovery of files you can try to recover files that have been accidentally deleted or the size was too large to be placed in the basket. Restoring files can be carried out not only on the usual disk volumes. This tool also allows you to find and restore files on lost volumes or volumes, encrypted by BitLocker technology.

Disk Commander
Disk Commander can restore disk partitions or volumes by using one of the following recovery processes: the restoration of the master boot record (MBR), recovery of lost volumes, restore partition tables from Disk Commander backup, saving partition table in the backup Disk Commander.

disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup tool allows you to delete all data from a disk or volume, as well as data that remained after reformatting your hard drive. When cleaning the disc, you can choose a single-pass or four-pass overwrite, which corresponds to the current US Department of Defense standards.

computer management
Computer Management program is used to view information about the system event log, hard disk management, program management performed at startup, as well as services and drivers.

lets you browse the file system of the computer and network folders, which makes it possible to move important data stored by the user on the local disk before you restore or reinstall the operating system on your computer. In addition, with the ability to match the drive letters to network folders, you can easily copy or move files from your computer to the network for their safe storage or from the network to the computer to restore them.

Problem Solver
In the wizard, making is asked a series of questions based on the responses to that recommended tool is best suited to resolve the situation. If you are not familiar with the DaRT tools, the wizard allows you to determine what means should be used.

Configuring TCP / IP
When you start the computer using the application DaRT TCP / IP configuration (IP-address, DNS-server data) are automatically obtained from the DHCP. If DHCP is not available, you can manually configure the TCP / IP, using the means of TCP / IP settings. First, you must select the network adapter, and then configure the IP-address and DNS-server for it.

Removing patches
Remove Patches wizard allows you to remove patches or service packs of the Windows operating system installed on the computer that is being restored. Use this tool if you think that the patch or service pack prevents the operating system start-up.

System File Checker tool
System File Checker tool launches a wizard restore system files and allows you to restore system files that prevent the launch of a Windows operating system. Restore system files Wizard can automatically repair damaged or missing system files or prompt you before performing any recovery operation.

Finder file opens the Search for files that can be used to search for documents, if the path to it is not known, or the standard file types on all local hard drives. You can search for a specific file name pattern by setting a certain way. You can also narrow the search, displaying results that match a specified date range or size.

Standalone System Sweeper

Standalone test identifies malware or other unwanted programs, and alerts you of potential dangers.

Remote connection
Remote connection allow IT-administrators to remotely run the DaRT tools on the end-user's computer. Once the user (or the service technician who works at his computer) to provide certain data, the administrator can take control of a user's computer remotely and run the necessary DaRT tools.

Program SmartFix designed to automatically correct the most common problems and treat your computer from malicious programs, which do not always manage anti-virus software, such as ransomware program of Trojan.Winlock blockers and Trojans, which block the operating system, requiring the user to send an SMS to unlock the system. The program allows even inexperienced users to unlock Windows in 5 minutes for free. When the program starts SmartFix , it automatically performs all the necessary actions for the recovery and treatment of damaged / infected system.
How to initiate the launch SmartFix

Image size and CRC
Image size: 3.85 GB (4,140,171,264 bytes)
MD5-sum image: 9372062cde18f658d049b66effb8f39d
SHA1-sum image: 45c8d308e2a6932efba27d1e10932ed56c87477d

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