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Freeleech Torrent + Direct Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 X86 En-us Esd Nov2016 Pre-activated=-team Os=-

The Rain

Windows updater and modifier
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Windows 7 Ultimate Sp1 x86 En-Us ESD Nov2016 Pre-Activated=-TEAM OS=-

Name :- Win_7_ Ultimate_ Sp1_ En-Us_Nov_ 2016_ x86
Architecture :-x86
Size:- 2.34gb
Language :- English
Activation:- Complete
Updates:- Included all new updates of November 2016
Author :- Team OS
Added/Removed:- Nothing , its a whole iso with all new Updates of November 2016

* Including Microsoft updates till 08.11.2016 and Internet Explorer 11
* NO tweaks or add-ons.
* NO additional programs and software added.
* NO graphics, scripts and wallpapers added or changed.
* It's the original image from Microsoft except added updates and IE11!

Note:- dotnet 4.6.2 and directx 11 will auto install before finish the installation

Changes in version 11.11.16:

Added KB3197868-x86-x64 to disconnect the telemetry (replaces the KB2511455-x86-x64, KB2570947-x86-x64, KB3033889-x86-x64, KB3139940-x86-x64, KB3164033-x86-x64, KB3182203-x86-x64, KB3184122-x86 -x64, KB3185319-IE11-x86-x64, KB3185330-x86-x64

The following telemetry updates are excluded:

KB971033 -x86-the x64 (Update for Windows Activation Technologies checking)
KB2952664 -x86-the x64 (System Update compatibility for migration to Windows 10)
KB2977759 -x86-the x64 (Diagnostics compatibility issues for upgrading to Windows 10)
KB3021917 -x86-the x64 (diagnostics and telemetry systems to upgrade to Windows 10)
KB3035583 -x86-the x64 (Update sets "Get Windows 10" application)
KB3068708 -x86-the x64 (Update to improve the quality of diagnostics and telemetry)
KB3075249 -x86-the x64 (Update adds a point telemetry consent.exe file)
KB3080149 -x86-the x64 (Update for CEIP program and diagnostic telemetry)
KB3081954 -x86-the x64 (Update to improve the working folders and telemetry)
KB3123862 -x86-the x64 (Updated opportunity to upgrade to Windows 10)
KB3139923 -x86-the x64 (Update adds a point telemetry consent.exe file)
KB3150513 -x86-the x64 (Updated configuration for compatibility diagnostics)
KB3161608 -x86-the x64 (Update adds a point telemetry consent.exe file)
KB3163589 -x86-the x64 (Report on the work of running an outdated version of Windows)
KB3172605 -x86-the x64 (Update adds a point telemetry consent.exe file)
KB3173040 -x86-the x64 (Notice of the expiry of the update to Windows 10)

Name: Win_7_ Ultimate_ Sp1_ En-Us_Nov_ 2016_ x86.iso
Date: 11/21/2016
Size: 2.34 GB (2,522,669,056 bytes)
SHA-1: 29e18be1f8488dc47227e0a8485ed85254b5b0ee
MD5: a11593e11914f00db193ae0809d122bb
CRC32: edb25b5d

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Thank You " The Rain " For This release :clap::clap::rofl:
Please Bro , We are waiting for Win 8.1 (x86) Pro November Update>>:wait:


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hello İ am new
I have installed one of your win 7 releasee.
İ skipped activation step during setıp. OS started to work but windows activation now message popping up.
I excetued winloader file within activator folder but when i restarted computer goes in to windows recovery screen and I coudn't start computer. So ı reinstatlled and it happened again.

Can anyoune tell me what did i do wtong how to install and keep using.
and another wuestio Should i re install when new releases came up?