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Direct Windows 95 2.1.0


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Windows 95 brings you back to 1995 allowing you to run Windows 95 as a without the need for installation, partitioning or dual booting. Video tutorial available.

You can relive the good old days (yes, 1995 is the good old days) with this bit of nostalgic software that can be run on multiple operating systems including Windows 10.

Of course, many of us recall reinstalling Windows 95 repeatedly, especially if you were or are a gamer. We considered Windows 95 a three-year-plus beta of Windows 98SE when Microsoft finally got it "right."

We also think that the new generation of computer users will enjoy seeing what Windows used to be as it approaches the Quadranscentennial celebration. We don't know where we found the word Quadranscentennial, but we did, so there it is.

Windows 10 haters might discover that Windows 10 isn't so bad after all.

With Windows 95, you can play with the various apps including Wordpad, phone dialer, MS Paint, and Minesweeper. Best of all they will perform just like you remember. The only downside - well not a downside in general, but in the context of this app, Internet Explorer will not function properly and will not load up pages. But other than that it works and is quite fun to roam through a bit of the past. Of course, as the author says "This only works well by accident and was mostly a joke. The code quality is accordingly.

Windows 95 is , so extract all of the files anywhere you like and double-click on Windows95 in the folder. If you no longer wish to use Windows 95, delete the folder.

Direct download from my Anonfile drive: