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Torrent + Direct Windows XP Professional SP3 x86 - Integral Edition 2019.3.16 - TeamOS


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Were there any more updates last Tuesday, or is this "The ABSOLUTELY Final Release" we're ever gonna see?


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i like it man... this is jut my opinion - you don't have to have spoiler for every link (just one row).
i think spoilers are meant to reduce length of the post, but spoiler for one row...
i'm grateful for this, this is just my observation.
keep up the good work.


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You (TheMACGYVER) delete my opinion...and I am posting everything on FACEBOOK!!...You don´t have respect for anyone!!...This Forum exist only because we enter (subscribe/log in) in this...not because you have the power to do it!...or hold it!...ONLY becasue I Told YOU the TRUTH, You banned me???---Wow!! mature of your part!!... But, now, everybody knows your real conduct ....your real You!...common and immature!....
I was kind and tried to help but you went way overboard with nonsense.. Just like here.. Very Immature for your age.. All you had to do was seed your torrents and read the rules that are posted everywhere.. but no
you more interested in crying and spamming nonsense crap.. A TOTAL HIT AND RUN JOSE.. Now I will do you a huge favor and if your smart like I think you are you wont mistake next time... Good Luck

PS: Why you quote/reply to a Banned member too.. Wise up soon Sonny