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Wolfram's Mathematica is a comprehensive and practical software solution geared towards users who need to perform complex computations ranging from building a hedge fund trading website to developing embedded algorithms or calculus. This a precision computation tool applies intelligent automation in every part of the system, from algorithm selection to plot layout and user interface design.

Since it comes with an extensive collection of math functions such as square roots, exponential functions, factorials, and prime factors, the program allows a user to use various formulas with ease. However, the user must be aware that all the function arguments are enclosed in square brackets, not parentheses. Also, with the help of Mathematica user can make use of various formulas of all types, starting with polynomials and ending up with combinations of higher mathematical functions. The main window of the application is very intuitive and easy to work with. The first floating bar contains all of the available options user can work with, while the second window displays formulas and math calculations.

First off, a user is required to create a new notebook, package, demonstration, text file or slideshow. After that, the user can insert special characters, tables, horizontal lines, pictures, hyperlinks, and citations, open a new file or break the current page. By accessing the Format menu, the user can modify the style, clear the formatting options, change the stylesheet, set the font type, style and size and choose the background color user are interested in.

The Graphics menu enables a user to access the "Drawing Tools" window and work with objects such as polygons, rectangles, line segments, disks, texts, points, arrows, and coordinates. Because it can be used in various industries and here referring to finance, modeling, software development, engineering or even astronomy, Mathematica allows a user to get reliable results without roundoff analysis and apply great automation features in every part of the user system, from embedded image-recognition algorithms to plot layout.

Mathematica proves to be a steady and full-featured solution worth having when the user needs to perform precise calculations and complicated number crunching.

  • Machine Learning;
  • 3D Printing & Geometry;
  • Audio, Images & Signals;
  • Mathematics;
  • Visualization & Graphics;
  • Graphs & Statistics;
  • Geography;
  • Text and Language Processing;
  • Units & Dates.

What is new in version 12 (Released on April 16, 2019):
Representing another major milestone in a unique journey spanning 30+ years, Mathematica 12 significantly extends the reach of Mathematica and introduces many innovations that give all Mathematica users new levels of power and effectiveness.
  • Optimization solvers such as LinearOptimization, QuadraticOptimization, SemidefiniteOptimization, etc. for optimizing convex functions over convex constraints, including vector inequalities such as VectorGreater for modeling vector-valued variables;
  • Expanded asymptotics functionality, including asymptotic solutions to algebraic and differential equations and asymptotic approximations to sums;
  • Added support for generating arbitrary constants in Integrate, Sum, and Product;
  • Improved elementary functions support for Integrate, support for large structured systems in Solve and Reduce, DSolve support for nonlinear first-order ODEs and extended coverage and support in FunctionDomain;
  • Extended numerical PDE-solving capabilities of NDSolve to solve nonlinear PDEs over arbitrary-shaped regions with the finite element method, and automated idealized n-body interactions using NBodySimulation;
  • Geometric capabilities have been further enhanced with the addition of general polygons with holes and polyhedra primitives, as well as improved support across the board;
  • New framework to visualize Euclidean geometry and its theorems using GeometricScene and GeometricAssertion;
  • Access built-in axiomatic theories for use in symbolic proofs with AxiomaticTheory;
  • Visualize complex-valued data and functions using ComplexListPlot, plot real and imaginary components of a function using ReImPlot and plot the modulus of a complex function of a real variable colored by its argument using AbsArgPlot;
  • Use Around to describe uncertainty in measured values, with built-in support in visualization functions;
  • Create, analyze and modify chemical species using the Molecule function, and visualize structures in two and three dimensions with MoleculePlot and MoleculePlot3D;
  • Represent geodetic vectors with GeoVector, and visualize geodetic vector fields using GeoVectorPlot and GeoStreamPlot;
  • Generate randomly distributed geo positions in any region using RandomGeoPosition, and analyze distance, area and angular distortion of geo projections using GeoGridUnitDistance, GeoGridUnitArea, and GeoGridDirectionDifference;
  • Updated default appearance for GraphPlot visualizations, as well as new plot themes and updated properties;
  • Color-processing functions such as FindMatchingColor, ImageRecolor, and ColorDetect, all powered by the new ColorsNear wrapper to represent a color neighborhood;
  • High-level recognition functions such as ImageCases, FacialFeatures, AudioIdentify and SpeechRecognize, and performance enhancements to FindFaces, FeatureSpacePlot, AudioMFCC, etc.;
  • Performance improvements in audio analysis functions such as AudioIntervals and windowing functions such as HannWindow, and a new AudioAnnotate framework for annotating audio objects;
  • Multi-language support for SpeechSynthesize, as well as improved discovery and searching of available voices through VoiceStyleData;
  • ShortTimeFourier for computing and storing properties of short-time Fourier transforms, and InverseSpectrogram for approximating a signal from a magnitude spectrogram;
  • The neural network framework has been enhanced with additional pre-trained models, new layers, new encoders and decoders, multi-GPU support and automatic early stopping of training to prevent overfitting;
  • ClassifierMeasurements can now handle uncertainties and multi-class averaging, and the "NeuralNetwork" method for Classify has been vastly improved using a self-normalizing net;
  • Learn a generalized probability distribution from arbitrary data using LearnDistribution, replace missing values in data by generated values using SynthesizeMissingValues and find anomalous examples in data using FindAnomalies;
  • Interact with relational databases symbolically using RelationalDatabase, integrating out-of-core and in-memory techniques to access terabyte-scale data and automatically generating SQL code for popular databases;
  • Query remote or in-memory RDF graph databases using SPARQL queries, and import/export RDF data from a variety of RDF formats;
  • Support for "on-the-fly" properties, filtering and sorting, aggregation, combining types and sampling of classes in the entity framework;
  • Expanded and enhanced data for built-in entities across all domains, including geographic, cultural and historical, life science and medical, financial, astronomical, earth science, transportation, engineering, linguistic and mathematical;
  • Efficient partial import and other improvements in scientific formats such as "FITS" and "HDF5", as well as tabular formats such as "CSV" and "XLS";
  • NumericArray for creating the most compact representation of a numeric array;
  • Pass arguments to functions in any order or bracket structure with Curry, or map vector functions onto sublists of elements with SubsetMap;
  • Information has been greatly extended and modernized to provide information on different object types;
  • Initial version of Wolfram Compiler for translating portions of Wolfram Language code into optimized native machine code;
  • Improvements to the external evaluation framework, including core performance enhancements, ExternalFunction to directly call external code and WebExecute to control web browsers;
  • Create, sign and deploy custom blockchain transactions and interact with computational contracts using BlockchainTransaction, BlockchainTransactionSign, BlockchainTransactionSubmit, and BlockchainContractValue;
  • New Microcontroller Kit for automating the generation and deployment of code to microcontrollers;
  • Bidirectional interface to the Unity game engine;
  • Share notebooks to the Wolfram Cloud or via email without leaving the front end;
  • Create, store and instantly access functions through the public Wolfram Function Repository and the ResourceFunction system.

System requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (both 32 & 64-bit);
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual-Core or equivalent;
RAM: 2 GB+ recommended;
HDD: 14 GB;
Internet access (for free form linguistic input).

Install notes:
1. Kindly read "Readme.txt" file given in download zip file;
2. Enjoy!


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Key generator (64-bit): mma11_2_keygen_64.exe
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SHA1: A95DF5645487FF4DFEEA711ADE7D887631079A5A
SHA256: FC507AC6797364882080E151DE37B07029358AD5C7856851364AFF5FE4F21EF4

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