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WPI (Windows Post Installer)


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Stumbled upon this Post through the Suggested Threads at the bottom..
This is an interesting concept.
Must Include popular software which is critical but won't increase the size of the Download by a LOT.
It will increase the download depending on whats in it. For the upcoming VIP release it increases the size by 4gb, BUT it also removes 4gb after installation, so its like it was only a 4.2gb file to begin with. Other releases will be around 5-6gb BUT once again, you gain back the xtra space after installs are done, not to mention anything over 4gb is freeleech


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:hi: I am not VIP, but I still think that is an awesome idea and as
someone mentioned here, please don't for get about us little people.:cry:

Im going to be incorporating this into some of my new VIP builds. Instead of loading down the build with a TON of preinstalled software and making the build super heavy, Im going to give the user the option of installing what they WANT to install. This is a well made program and has a LOT of useful software in it, and more can be added/removed/updated. The look is visually pleasing as well. You choose the items you want installed then just hist the green START button in the bottom right of program.

ALL programs installed SILENTLY!

Choose 1 or ALL of the programs, then sit back and wait as the magic occurs.

Give me your thoughts.....

I really wish I could get my hands on that nifty tool.