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3D-Coat is a commercial computer program for modeling various organic objects and rough low-poly 3D models; provides a wide range of tools
that allow users to create sculptures, add topology, create UV maps, interactively texture the model's surface,
render static scenes, and animate the model in circles.

Some of the features:
• Technology Voxel Sculpting, which allows you to start creating models without thinking about topology;
• The program has very good integration with Adobe Photoshop, it helps a lot in the texturing process;
• The program allows you to divide textures into layers, which makes it easier to apply effects;
• Support for control using three-dimensional manipulators 3DConnexion;
• Layers contain depth, color and mirroring. You can disable or enable any of these channels and apply effects to them - wiping, transparency, contrast, depth animation, etc .;
• It is possible to draw through UVs as easily as on 3D models. Almost all tools can do this;
• Each pen has many channels - color, depth, mirror and float;
• It is possible to fill areas with gradient and spherical fill;
• Filters for image correction and preview of the result in 3D;
• Possible text overlay on the surface. The text runs along the spline, you can even write text around the entire object.
• You can draw not only with a brush, but also with a contour, rectangle or ellipse;
• Ability to render with anti-aliasing, adjusting global illumination, depth of field and soft shadows. A gradient fill or an image can be used as a customizable background for the scene.

Simple texturing and PBR:
- Support for microvertex painting, pixel painting and Ptex
- Physically based rendering (PBR) with viewport with HDRL
- Smart materials with easy customization
- Layered painting. Popular blending modes. Combining layers into groups.
- Full integration with Photoshop
- Supports textures up to 16k
- Fast rendering of Ambient Occlusion and Curvature maps
- Rich tools for any drawing tasks and not only ..

Digital sculpting
• Key features of voxel (volumetric) sculpting:
- No topology restrictions ... Sculpt in the same way, as if from clay
- Complex logical operations. Fast kit-bashing process
• Traditional sculpting gives you such powerful features as:
- Adaptive dynamic tessellation (Live Clay)
- Dozens of fast and dynamic sculpting brushes
- Logic operations with clear edges
• Prepare a model for 3D printing.

Exceptional retopology toolkit
- Auto-retopology (AUTOPO) with configurable triangle settings
- Fast and easy-to-learn manual retopology toolkit
- Ability to import a reference mesh for retopology
- Use your current low poly mesh as a retopology mesh
- Retopology groups with color picker for ease of management
- Extensive selection of settings for baking
- And other options ...

Quick and easy UV mapping
- Professional toolkit for creating and editing UV-sets
- Native Global Uniform (GU) deployment algorithm
- Support and management of multiple UV-sets
- Support sweep algorithms ABF, LSCM and Planar
- Correction of individual islands
- Finally, it's fast, easy and fun to use.

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Minimum Requirements:

Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7 - x64.

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