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Tutorials A Python Script To Bypass The Download Limit Of Google Drive Files

DCG Mechanics

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Google drive links on game website are often not downloable because the daily download limit has been reached.
The solution to bypass is to copy it to our own google drive,
download it and then delete it,
which is exhausting to do with dozens of links,

so "jonathanTIE" made a script to do that easily.

You just have to :
  • connect with your google account
  • select the destination folder for the downloads on your pc (or use the default one)
  • paste the link(s)
  • enjoy the download !

Careful if you choose to save the credentials : the google drive CREDENTIALS are stored EXPOSED on your pc (to avoid having to reconnect every time), which could allow someone else that has access to it to access, add, modify, download or DELETE YOUR GOOGLE DRIVE FILES. You can also choose to not store them but you will have to login every time.

How to use the script :

  • When you launch the .exe file, it may take about 10 sec to initialize.
  • First, you need to give access to your google drive in order to copy,download and delete file. When you launch the program, it will open on your browser a google page to authenticate. Your browser may show a warning (this app is not validated by google).
  • Once you authorized the app to manage your google drive, go back to the program, you can edit the destination folder on your pc(you can change it later in the file "directory.txt").
  • Then, you can just past the google drive links that you want to download(you can put multiple at the same time), it will automatically copy, download and delete, one file at a time (wait a little to see the download progression if you have a slow connection).

Link for download (the .rar) :
Link to source code :

It doesn't works with google files(like google sheets, words, powerpoint) due to an issue with file extensions but it works well with the rest(especially rar), and I only made a windows release with a .exe. If the google application goes down or is too heavily used, you will need to create your own client_secrets to access to google api, you can replace it directly on the folder with the .exe. Feel free report bugs or suggest improvement, I will gladly read them(while doing nothing about it, too lazy for that /s).

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