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Torrent Adobe Dimension 2020 v. x64 Multi 29th March 2020 Monkrus


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Adobe Dimension v3.1.1 Multilingual
Release Year : 2020
Version :
Developer : Adobe
Build author : m0nkrus
Platform : Windows 10 x64
Interface language : English / English (UK) / German / French / French (Morocco) / French (Canada) / French (Middle East) / Japanese
Medicine : Cured(Means Activated)

System Requirements:

• 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 (version 1607 or later) ; 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10
• Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
• Processor Intel Core i5 (2011 or later), Intel Xeon (2011 or later), AMD A8 or A10, or AMD Ryzen (Intel Core i7 3.0 GHz or faster recommended)
• 8 GB of RAM or more (16 GB or more recommended)
• 2.5 GB of free hard disk space; 2.5 GB or more for additional content
• Geforce GTX 770 graphics card, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580 or 6200 or equivalent (Geforce GTX-970 or equivalent recommended)
• 1 GB VRAM (4 GB recommended)
• Support for OpenGL 3.2
• Display with a resolution of 1024x768 or 1280x800 (1080p is recommended on a graphics card with OpenGL hardware acceleration)


Adobe Dimension is a set of tools for 2D and 3D design that makes it easy to create high-quality photorealistic 3D images, compose 2D and 3D resources to visualize products in a realistic environment. The main idea of the product is to give developers the necessary tools to combine their 2D and 3D assets without exploring complex and specialized applications. In other words, the program allows you to quickly and simply "tasty" visualization and other creative combining 2D and 3D graphics.

Using machine learning, this Adobe tool is able to automatically determine the best lighting in the scene and place the light source in the right place. Adobe dimensionsalso automatically aligns objects with the horizon. The product is intuitive and similar to the Photoshop and Illustrator interfaces. Adobe Dimension uses V-Ray for rendering , the application displays how the final image will look like, without wasting time on the final rendering.
Benefits of Adobe Dimension

- Effective design presentation

Those involved in the creation of packaging and branded products are more likely to look for mocap templates for Photoshop. Simply dragging the graphics or logo onto the model and adjusting the materials allows you to submit the design in the most “delicious” way.

- Creating a mocap

Thanks to the export function to Photoshop, creating mockups is also easier. After exporting to Photoshop, you can edit any layer and even change the lighting.

- New opportunities for creating creative graphics

Creating creative graphics is now easier and faster.

- Inserting a 3D object in a real environment

Select a background image, and Dimension will automatically set the light, camera, perspective, aspect ratio and take care that the object fits perfectly into the environment.

- Familiar interface

The Dimension interface is similar to the Photoshop and Illustrator interfaces, so no additional training is required.

- Models from Adobe Stock

Integration with Adobe Stock right inside the application: thousands of free 3D models, as well as lighting and materials.

- Photorealistic rendering and live preview

For rendering, V-Ray is used. Dimension shows how your render will look in real time to get an idea of what the final picture will look like, without wasting time on the final render.

- Capture material

You can create materials using Adobe Capture CC, capturing with it the materials of real surrounding objects.

List of Changes:

What is changed by the author of the assembly:

- From the installer, with the exception of the required minimum, the Adobe Application Manager module is cut, which is installed by the original installer without fail.

- From the installer, with the exception of the required minimum, the Adobe Desktop Common module was cut, which is installed by the original installer without fail.

- The Adobe Creative Cloud module, completely installed by the original installer without fail, is completely cut out from the installer.

- The installer provides a choice of installation path and interface language of the program, as well as the ability to run the program immediately after installation.

- Unlocked the ability to install the program on Windows 10 minor versions.

- Updated Adobe Dimension core module to version

- The program has already been treated. You can use it immediately after installation.


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SHA1-image sum: fd58aa650aa88144891bba1311acc38e65265982
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