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Torrent Adobe Xd v. x64 Multi 28th March 2020 Monkrus


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Adobe XD v28.2.12 Multilingual
Release Year : 2020
Version :
Developer : Adobe
Build author : m0nkrus
Platform : Windows 10 x64
Interface Language : English / Spanish / Chinese (Simplified) / Korean / German / Portuguese (Brazil) / French / Japanese
Medicine : Cured

System Requirements:

• 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10 (version 1709 or later) ; 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows 10
• Intel or AMD processor with support for 64-bit OS
• 4 GB RAM
• Display with a resolution of 1280x800
• Minimum Direct 3D DDI Feature Set: 10. For Intel GPU drivers must be released in 2014 or later. To find out your options, run “dxdiag” in the “Run” menu and select the “Display” tab


Adobe XD allows development teams to quickly create and share a new generation of digital technology, working in collaboration. Create designs and prototypes on a single platform and work seamlessly with Adobe Fonts, Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and other Creative Cloud apps. View prototypes on real devices, get feedback from team members and stakeholders, and generate design specifications for developers directly from XD .
Benefits of Adobe XD
- Components
Work with reusable items that arise during the creation of a project, and customize any instance with overrides.
- Copy grid
Select an item in your project, such as a contact list or photo gallery, and copy it as many times as necessary. All styles and intervals will not be changed.

- Automatic animation

Automatically animate changes between artboards to create micro-interactions or interactive content in the prototype.

- Included with Creative Cloud

XD works with your favorite Creative Cloud apps. Import from Photoshop or Illustrator, create using Adobe Fonts, animate using After Effects, and more.

List of Changes

What is changed by the author of the assembly:

- The assembly is assembled on the basis of the standalone Adobe installer version, inaccessible to the general public.

- From the installer, with the exception of the required minimum, the Adobe Application Manager module is cut, which is installed by the original installer without fail.

- From the installer, with the exception of the required minimum, the Adobe Desktop Common module was cut, which is installed by the original installer without fail.

- The Adobe Creative Cloud module, completely installed by the original installer without fail, is completely cut out from the installer.

- Unlocked the ability to install the program on Windows 10 minor versions.

- Updated Adobe XD core module to version

- The Adobe CoreSync auxiliary module is excluded from the installation.

- The program has already been treated. Connecting to an Adobe server with your ID is optional.

Installation Instructions

1. Run the installation of Adobe XD (file autoplay.exe ), and regularly continue it until successful completion.

2. After closing the program installer window, the treatment mechanism automatically starts. Just wait until the message "Cracking complete. Enjoy!" Appears.

3. Enjoy the opportunity to use the product without access to the Internet!


Image Size and CRC
Image size: 357 MB (374,370,304 bytes)
MD5-image sum: 824735bf471aba3b09c9612a0855e408
SHA1-image sum: 63fe782c7813b779b1f7b259c4aa7f46ccd937e6​
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