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Torrent + Direct Become A Professional Graphic Designer

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Become a Professional Graphic Designer

Learn what you need to know to break into the world of graphic design
What Will I Learn?
  • To learn what graphic design is and how to become a graphic designer
  • Learn what a graphic designer does on the job
  • Learn the principles of great graphic design
  • Learn graphic design as it relates to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat
  • Learn graphic design for the web using Dreamweaver
  • Learn visual communication fundamentals
  • Learn successful layout in graphic design
  • Learn how to get a job as a graphic designer

  • Free trial or education versions of Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and Dreamweaver

Graphic design has always been a popular profession, but with more and more technology being introduced into our lives it's becoming an ever more important one too. All kinds of people use all kinds of technology every day. Making that technology as user-friendly as possible is vital, and graphic design is one of the most important elements of this.

The Ultimate Crash Course on Graphic Design

  • Master the most widely used software in graphic designing
  • Learn the principles of graphics design and visual communication
  • Gain an insight into the current graphic design industry
  • Understand how to forge a career path as a graphic designer
Graphic Design for All

This course is aimed at aspiring graphic designers, web designers and digital artists who wish to develop a skill set needed to become a professional graphic designer. Suitable for both complete beginners and those who already have some knowledge of the industry; this course will prepare you for a career as a graphics designer through familiarising you with the concepts, principles and – most importantly – the software you'll need to know.

You'll learn everything from working with layers and selections in Photoshop, to formatting text and menus in Dreamweaver, to using pathfinders and special effects in Illustrator.

As well as equipping you with a valuable skill set, you will also learn how to get your foot in the door of the graphic design world, from how to land your first job, to finding continued inspiration, to the ins and outs of joining the graphics design community.

On completion of this course, you will have the strong foundation needed to get started in the world of graphic design, along with the skills needed to start working professionally straight away.

Tools Used

Adobe Photoshop: Used for editing and manipulating photographs and images. Improve lighting and colour, add special effects, remove blemishes, create your own images from scratch, and more.

Adobe Illustrator: The standard software for graphics design, and where you do the majority of your work. Create any kind of vector art or illustration your mind is capable of thinking up!

Adobe Acrobat: Transform your work into a format than anyone can view - a PDF. This program also enables you to create, manipulate, print and manage your finished project files.

Adobe Dreamweaver: Design and develop beautiful websites with ease, complete with both a design view and code editor so you can see changes you make on all sides in real time.

Who is the target audience?
  • Aspiring graphic designers
  • Web designers
  • Artists

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Heya, having a bit of trouble with qbittorrent saying this is "Stalled".

I have googled various reasons for this such as "disk full" or restarting it.

  • Google also said perhaps the seeders have reached a data limit.
I am new to torrenting so some of these reasons may be ridiculous to more advanced users who know more than me.

It only happens on this torrent so I am thinking perhaps is it a seeding issue?
I will continue researching possible solutions in the meantime.

When solved I will continue to seed this torrent.

Many thanks for your time.


Registered User
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14 GB
Seems to be fixed and downloading (Slowly) now.

Thanks. Will Seed after, I have had problem with 1 torrent refusing to seed due to some kind of glitch so if it happens with this when finished, apologies. :)