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Torrent Easy2Boot 2.06A / RMPrepUSB 2.1.745b

DCG Mechanics

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Easy2Boot is an advanced program for creating your own multiboot LiveCDs, flash drives, and more ...
I want to note right away that the program is not for an amateur, so I give below a short instruction in order not to spoil anything.


- Install Install_RMPrepUSB_Full.exe (in the archive).
- Launch the newly installed program and configure it as follows:
1 - put a tick in front of "Do not ask questions"
2 - Specify the size of the volume "MAX" and any label
3 - Select the first boot sector, i.e. WinPEv2
4 - Select the file system either FAT32 or NTFS (FAT32 does not support files larger than 4 GB)
5 - Specify the item "Copy system files from the next folder", here we select our Easy2Boot archive, answer the question "no"
6 - Press the key "Prepare disk" (this will delete all data from the flash drive)
7 - Click the "Install Grub4Dos" button, answer the request "No"
8 - Go to the contents of the flash drive in the _ISO folder and transfer the ISO images you need to the necessary folders (you can use several images for one OS), for example:
• Windows XP - in _ISO / Windows / XP
• Windows 8 and 8.1 - in _ISO / Windows / WIN8
• Windows 10 - in _ISO / Windows / WIN10
• Antivirus ISO - in _ISO / Antivirus
And so on, by context and folder names. Images can also be placed in the root of the _ISO folder, in this case they will later be displayed in the main menu when booting from a USB flash drive.
9 - After all the necessary images are transferred to the USB flash drive, in RMPrepUSB press Ctrl + F2 or from the Drive menu select - Make All Files on Drive Contiguous. When the operation is complete, the flash drive is ready, and you can either boot from it, or press F11 to test it in QEMU
Now you can boot, or press the F11 button for testing.

in the docs folder you will find documentation in English on editing menus, design and other features.
• If some ISOs are loaded incorrectly, change their extension to .isoask, in this case, when you start this ISO from the boot menu of the flash drive, you can select various options for launching it and find a suitable one. • At any time you can add new or delete old images from the flash drive. After that do not forget to use Ctrl + F2 (Make All Files on Drive Contiguous) in RMPrepUSB.

• When installing Windows 7, Windows 8 or 8.1-10, you will be asked which key to use: you can enter it yourself, use a trial key from Microsoft, or install without entering the key (then activation is still required). I am writing this note to the fact that you should not be surprised by the appearance of a menu that did not exist before when installing Windows, it has little effect.

License : FreeWare
Language : Multi
Size : 29.5 MB + 9.79 MB
OS : Windows

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can i make Multiboot UEFI wiht it?