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Tutorials Express Photoshop Course for Beginners


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Express Photoshop Course for Beginners

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The Express Photoshop Course for Beginners is the beginner's simplest first steps into Adobe Photoshop. In this quick course you will learn only the most basics concepts of how Photoshop works.

This course is aimed towards the very beginners who want to start their journey into the design world in a quick way without any hassle.

What you will learn in this course

This course explains the basic concepts with quick step-by-step videos: learning the interface, knowing the tools, working with layers, adjustments, filters...etc.

In this course you will not learn any specific editing technique, instead you will learn how to use the software itself.


This course is for the absolute beginners, no previous knowledge is required
You must have Photoshop CC installed on your computer (any CC version will do). Photoshop CS6 can be used as well with some limitations
No graphic tablet is required
You can use Windows or MAC

1. The interface

Learning the basic layout of any software is the first step on your journey to optimize your workflow and speed it up.
One of your main goals as a beginner is to create a workflow and optimize it. This will also help you avoid frustration which is really important in the beginning stages of your Photoshop learning.

In this episode I’ll show you the most important parts of the interface and how to customize it and where to find any panel or tool at any given time.
2. Creating new documents

In this episode you will learn how to create documents with the right specs for your projects. This can seem silly but it’s actually a simple yet fairly important step for a beginner.
3. Basic operations

In this episode you will learn basic Photoshop operations: moving through the canvas, zooming, panning, changing the image size...etc.

Learning how to operate in Photoshop using keyboard shortcuts is really important because you can work as much as 7X faster than going through the menus.
4. The Toolbar

The Toolbar is an essential part of the Photoshop's interface and it brings you all the necessary tools you need when editing images.

In this episode I'll make a quick explanation of the tools you can find on the Toolbar and in future episodes you will learn about some of them in more detail.
5. Introduction to selections

Selections are a very important part of almost any project in Photoshop. At some point you will need to isolate an area of your image for editing or applying a specific effect or adjustment.

Knowing how to effectively use the available tools and techniques can save you a lot of time.
6. The layers and the layers panel

Knowing how to work effectively with layers and acquiring good layers management skills will definitely set you apart from most Photoshop beginners.

Layers are the core of Photoshop and in this episode you will learn the different kinds of Layers you can create in Photoshop and how to manage them.
7. Layer masks

Masks and layers go hand in hand. A layer mask is a special kind of layer complement which only contains information of black and white and it’s always linked to a layer. They allow you to hide parts of an image or removing an effect but with the possibility of revealing it back if necessary.
8. Blend modes

Blend modes, as the name implies, are used to determine how two or more layers interact with each other. Blend modes are the basic effects you can create in Photoshop, along with layer styles, which I’ll talk about in more details in a future episode
9. Layer Styles

In this episode I will show you how the layer styles panel works. Photoshop allows you to create all sorts of styles for any layer on the layer panel. Layer styles are a way of adding effects using a combination of effects and blend modes.
10. Adjustment layers

In this episode I will make a brief explanation of the most important Photoshop adjustments and how they work.

Adjustments are a different kind of “effects” you can create on your images. Adjustments are used to modify the attributes of an image: contrast, saturation, exposure, color balance…
11. Working with filters

In this episode I will show you how the Filter Gallery works.

With filters, you can greatly alter the appearance of an image. Filters can be stacked to create complex effects such as: paint effects, abstract effects, textures and much more.
12. Working with vector shapes

In this episode I’ll go through the basic vector tools Photoshop has to offer.

Although Photoshop is not the best software to create vector illustrations you can certainly get started with illustrations using Photoshop’s vector tools.
13. Basic image cleaning & restoration in Photoshop

Put the cleaning tools in use on a real image and learn how to clean an image and make basic retouching or edits.

A simple exercise where you will get to make a basic skin retouching and cleaning an image from unwanted elements.
14. Create a beautiful text using layer styles

In this episode you will practice creating fancy texts so that you get used using the styles panel.
15. Smart objects

A smart object is a special kind of layer that you can modify endlessly without ever losing the original quality of its contents.